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The ring of the phone made my head pound. I covered my ears as I walked towards the phone in a fragile manner.

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Megan Lewis 10eha 12.6.03 Untitled The ring of the phone made my head pound. I covered my ears as I walked towards the phone in a fragile manner. After a long night out in London, the sound of the phone was particularly what I wanted to hear. I scrambled over the edge of the sofa and clumsily grabbed the phone. "Hello?" I said sleepily. "Hi Chrissie, how are you? Feeling any better?" "Oh hi Will, I actually feel terrible, I could do with some fresh air." "Good because I want to take you out somewhere, I haven't seen you for ages!" He was right. It had probably been six weeks since we had seen each other properly, and he oldest and best friend. I asked him where he suggested we went. "I don't know, maybe I'll drive us out to my Aunt's old cottage in the country. Get away from it all." It definitely sounded appealing. I needed it and so did Will. He had left for America and had been gone for three long weeks. When he got back I was working and couldn't meet him. Then I became ill. "You're on!" I said excitedly. "Can't wait, bye!" He sounded pleased. Those few precious moments I had with him were fantastic. We had so much fun. I sprung up and bounded into my bedroom. Five minutes later, I appeared, pulling on my jacket. ...read more.


"It's alright Chrissie, you don't need him, and I always knew he didn't deserve you." "I should have listened to you Will." "It's alright." He encircled me with his arms again. After a short while he suggested I went to wash all the mud out of my hair. "There's a shower in the main bathroom, you can use that, I'll use the en suite." I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When I got out, my clothes were no where to be seen. I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out into the hall. I was face to face with Will. "Just thought I'd tell you that your clothes are in the washing machine, we'll have to find you something to put on." We scrambled through a wardrobe. There was one of his infamous sleeveless tops and some of his Aunt's skirts. "Thanks," I said waiting for him to leave. I got changed and walked into the kitchen. Will roared with laughter, the top almost reached my knees. "How can it be dark?" I asked sliding onto the worktop. "Well you were in there for half an hour! "You're kidding!" I said, shocked. "Nope, do you want coffee?" "Yeah, sounds good." I followed him with my steaming mug into the living room. We sat on the sofa and sipped our coffee. "Will, if you don't mind me asking, did you meet anyone in America?" ...read more.


"Go on," he said cautiously. "I think, no I know that I want you." He looked away, and seemed confused. My heart sank. I knew I would regret telling him because I could now loose him as a friend. "I'm sorry, I was crazy to ever think you would feel the same." "Well as it happens I've got something to tell you too Chrissie. I wanted to tell you before but I thought it would break you." I felt awkward and tense, wondering what he had to tell me. Whatever he was going to say, looked like it was going to be bad news now. "While I was over in the States, they offered me a fantastic contract; working over there with a fantastic manager and a tour of my own. It's always been my dream to break America. But I came back here to think it through before making any decisions. It's such a huge step to take, to move away from all my friends and family because it means living there for three years." "Oh." I was so sure he'd take it. "I've thought long and hard about it and I've decided that I'm going to do it, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity." I felt myself well up. Not only had I ruined my friendship with my best friend but I wouldn't see him for three years. "But," he took a deep breath. After what you've just said.........." "Yes?" "I want you to come with me!" ...read more.

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