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The Secret Life of Bees

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Personal Study By Melissa Reid I have recently read the novel "The secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. Lily Melissa Owens the main character has a special relationship with bees. At night they squeeze through the cracks of her bedroom walls until they fill the whole room. Finally when she can no longer stand being the only witness to this wonder, she rushes to awaken the only person she can tell - her father. But her abusive father, T Ray is not amused with this joke. Her mother is dead and her father hardly gives her enough love as it is so he takes a worker out of his peach orchard to look after his daughter and be a sort of mother figure. Her name is Rosaleen. Lily will not settle with what she is told about her mother's past and has to go about finding the truth somehow. I intend to examine the methods used to create and develop the main character in the novel. The Queen bee to a hive is very important, take that out of the equation and that causes problems. Lily's mother was very much a Queen Bee she helped everyone and was a very trustworthy person, and when she was taken away from her family they couldn't cope and Lily was a mummy's girl. ...read more.


Then she goes on to talk about the words written under the bench and the fact that she describes what it says makes me feel that she finds something in the situation funny which is totally out of the ordinary. T-Ray, Lily's father comes to collect Lily but leaves Rosaleen in the cell; alone to be with her thoughts and come to terms with what has actually just happened. "'You're lucky I got you out' he yelled. 'But she can't stay there' - 'She dumped sniff juice on three white men! What the hell was she thinking?" Lily is grateful for her father coming and getting her out of jail, but is upset that Rosaleen has been left behind. But Rosaleen has to learn her lesson and that is the impression that the reader gets from her father, "you're lucky I got you out'" tells us that he might have even left his own daughter in the jail cell for longer than he did, I think that Rosaleen and Lily had no real reason to be in jail in the first place the way the writer describes the incident is that Rosaleen was paying back the man for deeds he had done in the past that severely damaged her family. ...read more.


When T.Ray finds Lily it is an unfortunate yet tragic event at the same time, she wants to see him but doesn't feel love for him. "This is the autumn of wonders, yet every day, every single day, I go back to that burned afternoon in August when T.Ray left.... and there they were. All these mothers. I have more mothers than any eight girls off the street. They are the moons shining over me." This is when Lily realises although she cannot remember meeting her biological mother she has many other mother figures in her life that will almost fill those shoes until she grows up. I also think that her father leaving her is a very stupid and selfish thing of him to do. Lily goes from having so much sympathy from me to being a young woman who can understand that once something so tragic as your mother dying has happened there really is nothing that you can do about it and all you can do is look for new or replacement mothers for the time being. Lily I feel is a very heroic child dealing with what she does as a main character she develops dramatically changing from very vulnerable to extremely strong and courageous. This is evident through her relationship with her father and Rosaleen. ...read more.

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