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The Shawshank Redemption

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Cynthia M. Gonzalez Mr. Garcia Night School Class English 1 I INTRODUCTION Doesn't everyone in prison say that they are innocent Well do you believe them? The ones you do not may be Innocent but we do not know until they prove it. And when. They do at times it may be too late. II EXPOSTION Andy's wife Linda Collins dufresne suddenly decided to Take golf lessons in 1947.At Falmouth Hill Country Club Linda took lessons for four month and her instructor was Glenn Quentin. Andy found in August 1947that Glenn and his Wife had become lovers. They argued bitterly. On September 10,1947 Linda wanted to divorce Andy. Linda went to spend the night at Glenns. The next morning the cleaning woman found and Linda and Glenn dead in bed. They were found shot four times each Red is a guy who can get anything for you. He came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. He committed murder. He was young good looking and poor. He killed his wife by loosing up her brakes but he did not expect her to pick up the lady next door and her son. He also did not expect to get caught. ...read more.


Hadley was a big guy; he was the one that would kill you with his eyes. No one messed with him, because he was big and tough and also very quiet. Personality Andy is a shy and patient guy, keeping all his stuff to himself. He is not very trustworthy towards nobody and lives in his own world. When he is around people, tend to observe their action and their personalities. The opposite of Andy would be Red a humorous guy with the ability to make anyone laugh. Red is also similar to Andy, he keep this stuff to himself. They are somewhat compatible to each other. Background When Andy was a free man, he was a vice president in the Trust department in a bank. Andy loved numbers and could figure out most equations. He had very little family it was just his wife Linda and him. He had a normal life until that day. The day Linda started an affair with Glen and wanted a divorce. Andy had very little friends; some that worked in the bank and a special friend that was helping him while he was in jail find a new identity and money. Red doesn't really say much about himself; all we know is that he came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. ...read more.


V. THEME Andy never gave up in searching for his freedom and fighting what ever was going to be a startle for him. He honored a new friend ship that was red some one that was helping him through out ten years of his life. He really trusted Red in every way that you can possibly imagine .Red also trusted him even though Andy always beat around the bush when it came to saying things you sort of had to guess what he was trying to say. Red was patient because after thirty years they the people who wok at the prison finally gave him his parole. Still they thought he was not rehabilitated. He learned how to survive by being the man and by being the guy who could get anything, and making side money for himself. VI. CONCLUSION The main point of the story is that even though Andy was a really quiet guy he was always doing some thing that no one knew and that was planning his escape. After ten years of pain and suffering he finally does it and does every thing he said he was going to do which was own his own business and be rich wit his good friend by his side which was Red. ...read more.

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