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The Snow

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The Snow Liv's blonde hair bounced as she prepared to throw a small cotton like snow ball at Sachin. Suddenly, Laura threw a large, oddly shaped snowball at the back of Liv's head. She collapsed with pain like a puppet with clipped strings. Sachin-a short, fat boy-shrieked and scuttled off to find help. As he thought Liv had been seriously injured. However, within moments of Sachin being gone, Liv jumped up, and to Laura's surprise she was perfectly fine. But' after several minutes Sachin Had not returned and help was only a few moments away. Liv and Laura became increasingly worried about Sachin, and were wondering what might have happened to him. "Do you think Sachin is alright?" Liv said nervously, whilst trying to look beyond the fir trees. The snow had increased and it was becoming even more impossible to see further than few feet in front of your face. Liv was wishing she never had played that cruel joke on Sachin as if she hadn't; he would be there safe and sound, not searching for help in the cold and snowy weather. ...read more.


As soon as they found his pulse they immediately called 999 to get help and to get Sachin to safety. 10 minutes had gone by since Laura had called the police on her mobile phone; it took her a while to find some signal so she could call the emergency services to tell them about what had happened to Sachin. Liv was shaking as her body was getting increasingly colder by the minute. She began to rub her hands together to try to get them warmer. About ten minutes had gone by since Laura had called 999 and still there was no sign of the rescue team. Liv's hands had now gone a sort of blue-purple colour and were beginning to feel quite numb. Laura suddenly heard the faint sound of a man's voice and instantly assumed it was the rescue team. "Help we're down here, my friends broken his leg we think, by the position it's in!" Laura shouted to the rescue team. "Ok, stay calm we're coming down as quick as we can!" The man replied. ...read more.


Laura and Liv were listening intently to what Sachin was saying. He was creating a picture in Laura and Liv's heads. Laura was quite sensitive and burst out with tears thinking about how much pain he must have been in during his fall. He remembers losing his hat before falling down that steep, snowy hill. He was running as fast as he could trying to get to Liv's mom to tell her what had happened to her daughter, he suddenly fell over a tree root which was hidden by a blanket of snow. He couldn't get his foot free as it was wedged between large rocks. He was in immense agony. He was using so much force to try and get his foot free, so when it did eventually become free he fell down the hill with such speed he thumped his head on a large bolder at the bottom of the hill, which knocked him out. Never again did Laura, Liv or Sachin ever dare of playing a prank on anyone as long as they lived. Waqaas Qureshi 20147 ...read more.

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