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The Strange Case of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll

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The Strange Case of Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll I the conflicting seed of everyman's agonising conscience stirs deep in the inveterate, dark, depths of the inner soul. Time spent in patience, waiting in earnest for favourable conditions to germinate, a yearning to be nurtured; to be fed, fed the pleasures that would supply my imperious craving; to permit the outstretching and entanglement of my darkened roots into the depths of the nourishing elixir of life itself. Thus countless times I fought my perennial war, with my so-called double-dealer. On occasions my very existence hung in the balance. My utmost pleasures were denied me; I was kept concealed, hidden as if I were an open, infected, contagious wound, suppressed by the heavy weight of honour and dignity. His goodness, his knowing righteousness strangles my growth like bind weed to a new sapling, If it were not for my hosts rather growing intrigue and exacting aspirations of man's divided and compounded dual nature of good and ill, coupled with his morbid sense of shame and guilt. ...read more.


The poison slipped smoothly through his lips. My villainous senses had long since been awoken, awoken by the pungent smells that fill the laboratory. I craved for this elixir, this elixir that will open the doorway to my freedom. This power is like nothing I have felt in hand, it surges right to my core. Rapidly I exceed in height and statue, filling his inadequate skin. He clutches at me now, ripping, tearing and scratching at my very flesh, his intense moaning and crying fills the darkness. No more so does he deserve that tormentor, than I deserved the suppression I have felt over this exceeding and exasperating time, henceforth justice be done. I inhale deep and strong, sucking and drawing my opposition into myself. With every lungful of air my escalating evil powers engulf all that is righteous; as I exhale his morality flips into immorality. The first wholesome breaths of my new life were one of wicked exhilaration. ...read more.


For now time escaped my clutches, the wakening of day was near; the once blackened sky grew lighter with every passing moment. I hurriedly fled this dreamt of house, took flight before daylight reached out and took hold of me to shake and judder my very supremacy. I took shelter in the laboratory, mulling over the deprived pleasures with which I wish to make haste to seek, the ultimate goal, self-satisfaction. This time, I myself am the victim of the writhing, cramping pangs that succeed the drinking of the poison; a noose grips my fervent wickedness, I'm engulfed by a pureness, a loving wholesome conscience, it quashes and suffocates my once supreme sinfulness. Gradually I decline in spirit, the hour of my death felt nigh. With wrath of new, I struggled to escape captivation, restraint no longer was my collaborator, His statue grows stronger as mine fades; he overwhelms me with his kindness. Yet my strength is not subdued to the former, I have grown, my power increased, eventually he will submit to the pleasures I offer him, temptation can surpass his profound reasoning, enticing him to the slavery of the joys that I bring. 1 ...read more.

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