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The Superstitious Man’s story and Crossing Over

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The Superstitious Man's story and Crossing Over Ghost stories have several conventions. In a ghost story the reader would usually expect to find unbelievable events, encounters between the living and the dead, as well as a strange sense of time and place etc. The two ghost texts that have been studied and used as examples in this essay are, The superstitious mans story and Crossing over. These stories use the conventions of ghost stories although in alternate methods. The ghost stories have diverse techniques and systems for creating suspense, tension and the sense of uncertainty. The reason for the different methods of creating suspense may be due to the fact that the stories have been published a ling time before and after each other and during the lengthy period of time in between the two stories the techniques used to create ghost stories have changed inevitably. In addition, another reason as to why the use of conventions in either story is different is because the authors of both ghost stories have various backgrounds, i.e. the author of 'crossing over' has the expertise of both an author and a psychiatrist, whereas the author of 'the superstitious mans story' is an author from the late 1800's. The 'superstitious mans story' was first published in 1894. This may already explain the tradition writing methods and old styles of creating tension and suspense. ...read more.


As the story progresses furthermore the reader comes across a moth creature fly out of William's death, which represents his death. The latter stages of the story unfold how Williams figure is sighted in the middle of a spring, which is ironically the location of his only son's death. The plot in Crossing Over basically unfolds the life of a young girl who has found a part time job by walking an elderly women's dog. During the story the reader comes across an accident, which at first makes the reader presume that the victim of the car crash was the dog Togo. However small clues are given off which indicate that a twist maybe approaching. The clues however are not noticeable through a first reading, they become a lot clearer through second reading. The clues which are given off are the girl walking faster, her friend totally ignoring her as she passes, the door knocker being a lot heavier, Mrs Matthews ignoring her and Togo described as being frightened. At the end of the story the reader has worked out that the girl was the actual victim of the accident and her death was the result of it, but through a first reading the reader would be made to kept reading till the end as curious clues are given off arousing suspicion and curiosity which would make the reader want to read on and find a conclusion which answer the questions built up from the tension and suspense etc. ...read more.


We can see that William fits into traditional ghost story as he works in a mill and the modern day girl is employed as a dog walker which was not much of a profession back in the 1800's especially in a village in those times. To conclude, in my opinion I think that the narratives in Crossing Over were a lot more effective as a ghost story. This is because s carries a lot more suspense in its techniques and contains much more excitement throughout the story to keep the reader interested. The death in The Superstitious Man was not one of great excitement and the lack of suspense left the reader with nothing to look forward to or any reason to continue. On the other hand the dramatic twist at the end of Crossing Over makes the reader feel the story was worth reading and even worth reading again to gain a clearer understanding of the clues given earlier. Readers today find curiosity built by the author a lot better then just being bored with detail. In other words the reader today finds the challenge and mystery behind books that create suspense enjoyable and a lot more interesting then ghost stories, which do not keep the readers mind buzzing with ideas and predictions. In my opinion Crossing Over mislead the reader and brought a shocking and unbelievable end to conclude the story which was a lot more enjoyable as the reader was involved and challenged a lot more then in The Superstitious Man. ...read more.

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