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The theme in the lord of the flies.

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The pristine stillness of the sandy knoll was set off by the crystal shine of the waves slowly rolling toward shore. The waves gently lapped at the pure white sands of an island in the Pacific Ocean. The only object that stood out of from the perfectly even surface that only an undisturbed course of nature could create, at first glance appeared to be only a rock. The rough spiky surface of the object made the glass-like smoothness seem like a mahogany table with a nail driven into it. If one were to pass by it on a lonely beach they would think it only to be an odd stone, but if the shell were to be flipped over, it would reveal an aurora of pinks and creams. The smoothness to the touch is unsurpassed in almost any element of creation. Many are fooled by the unsurprising outside but the few who take the time to examine it closely are treated a sight incredible beauty. ...read more.


Throughout the rest of the story the conch is used mainly to call meetings. During these meetings whomever had the conch had the right to speak. The conch was like a scepter, which granted rights to the speaker. Ralph and Jack, the rival leaders, one represents order and civility under desperate situations, the type of society and logic that would have made the best British proud. The other leader led his group the inevitable social decline of a society with no regulations or boundaries. The wild savagery of this group was displayed in their brutal murder of both Simon and Piggy who posed no harm to any of them. Every modern civilization has a symbol of justice and supremacy. The conch is the symbol of Ralph's "tribe" which looked for ways to be rescued and survival instead of becoming uncontrollably wild. Jack, who was the chief of the other tribe, immortalized the pig and hunting, the killing and eating of it. When Jack formed his own band, it is a turning point in the story. ...read more.


While on a Soccer team there is a captain who decides many things for the team and how the game should be played. It's not always a leader but it could be a symbol of leadership, a scepter is a symbol of the king's power and it granted the right to state the persons opinion. Just like the scepter was a leadership symbol, and played an essential role in the society of the kingdom. The conch plays a vital role in the order of the boys' society. This story clearly illustrated the fragility of civilization. The conch represents the systematic order that hold it all together. As was exemplified in this story man can easily go back to their wild unruly state. Draft horses can illustrate this point, The only thing that holds them from doing their own way is the bit in the horse's mouth. Even though this piece of metal is puny compared to the half-ton of meat and muscle, without this vital part of equipment the horse would have no idea what to do or where to go. And all order and discipline would "go to the dogs." ...read more.

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