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The Theme of Love explored in Remember, Piano, and Plena Timoris

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How is the theme of love explored in the poems "Remember", "Piano", and "Plena Timoris"? The poems, Remember, Piano and Plena Timoris are all quite similar, interlaced through the theme of Love. This is a very complex emotion that can be interpreted differently by different people. And similarly, poets often refer their poems to this theme because of the diversity of outcomes that is possible These poems, albeit similar thematically, are all composed through different narratives. Remember, written by Christina Rossetti, explores the final words of a dying lover; Plena Timoris, written by Thomas Hardy, is about the reference of love through death in the perspective of a woman who witnessed the death of another for love; and Piano, written by D.H. Lawrence, is a poem that pulls on the memories of childhood in relation to the mother. Furthermore, in Remember, love is shown to be poignant and remorseful; somewhat jarring and bitter in Plena Timoris; and in Piano, nostalgic. The poets applied context to their poems, this would further highlight on the emotions the poets want to promote. Rossetti chose to express the intimacy of romantic love against death, her choice may be based on her constant battle for her own life as she suffered from the Graves Disease as she wrote this poem. ...read more.


Remember and Plena Timoris would both have collateral approaches. Both are written with some relation to the theme of death, and therefore, despite the presence of the theme of love, they would both have a more somber and mournful outlook of love in general. Remorse is created through sensory language, Lawrence uses much of these in Piano. For example in the line, "Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me;" The use of sibilance between the words "softly", "dusk" and "singing" create a series of very tender 's' sounds that can suggest a soothing tone to the reader's ears. The use of this tone promotes to the readers the ideal gentleness of a mother, and thus a sense of security and safety. This is extended further in the same stanza to a more vigorous sound, "... in the boom of the tingling strings". Onomatopoeia is used here to convey the loudness of the piano through the word, "boom" in contradiction to "tingling". Loud sounds are usually referred to when a climax is reached, this sensory depiction of the piano somewhat foreshadows a dramatic turn of events further on in the poem - the theme of death. ...read more.


The motif arm appears again in the last line, "And her arm dropt from his as they wandered away." shows a link between love, death and narrative opinion. In this case, their "wandering away" also reflects upon Hardy's hopes "wandering away". In contrast to both Piano and Plena Timoris, Rossetti chose to express the importance of love through the applicant of dialogue and euphemisms to dampen the effects of death. The phrase, "when I am gone away", is the euphemism of the narrator's death; "silent land", describes the place of 'after-life'. These are examples of the narrator pushing away the harshness of death. Most of the words used in this poem are very dark, terms like, "darkness" and "corruption", are all related to death. Rossetti effectively puts literal meanings into use to emphasize of the effect of death against love. All in all, the different versions of love written by Rossetti, Lawrence and Hardy is dissembled by their uses of theme, structure, poetic devices and context. Although the poets had all experienced different versions of love, and hence written their own interpretation of the theme, they have all been successful in delivering the theme of love. It is revealed that love can only be written through personal experiences, only then will the poems be able to generate emotions from its' readers. ...read more.

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