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The Theme of Relationships in "Much Ado AboutNothing".

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THE THEME OF RELATIONSHIP IN MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Relationship is a theme that develops and progresses throughout William Shakespeare?s ?Much Ado About Nothing.? Most of the characters have interesting and unique relationships with each other such as Hero and Claudio who are two courtly lovers, whereas in contrast Don John and Don Pedro are in constant war with each other. Similarly, the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice is also temperamental as they both, initially, loath and keep insulting each other until they both realise that they share an equal affection for each other and were destined to be together. Each couple had different and changing relationships where they all initially resented each other. In this essay, the diverse relationships between the characters will be examined to see how each relationship evolved due to significant events that lead to the character?s change in attitude and change in heart towards each other. ...read more.


They arranged a situation for Claudio to believe that he saw Hero being unfaithful to him with another man, when it was in fact another woman. It is Claudio’s naïve and lack of trust that makes him doubt Hero’s loyalty and love for him so easily. He then decides to wrongly embarrass and shame Hero at their wedding, which turns their relationship sour. Before the schemes the relationships between the two characters were perfect as they both were deeply in love and honest with each other. In contrast to Hero and Claudio, Don John and Don Pedro are two brothers from a royal family who are at war with each other. Don Pedro is a brave and good person who led his force to victory in the war against Don John. ...read more.


Eventually with help from friends, their attitude and feeling for each other softened as Beatrice and Benedick realised that theyhad many things in common and were a perfect partner for each other. Therefore, this couple?s change in heart and attitude towards each other helped them to appreciate love and marriage, as well as help remove their feelings of loneliness. Beatrice and Benedick are perhaps the most successful couple in the play as their feelings changed from negative and discontentment to happiness and renewed love. ?Much Ado About Nothing? had many different and interesting relationships with each character. Hero and Claudio are deep lovers; Don Pedro and Don John always fought with each other for the crown and Beatrice and Benedick were unique in which they hated each other, but then loved each other. Each character groups had both different and similar personalities, which made them either love each other or hate each other. ...read more.

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