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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Violence is the main theme in Romeo and Juliet, even more than love, hate, rivalry, passion and broken friendships. The play is set in 'Fair Verona' which is in the North of Italy, which has a population conformed of a Prince, two main households, the 'Capulets' and the 'Montagues', their servicemen, friends, the town's noble man 'Paris', the priest 'friar Lawrence' and the rest of the town's workmen. Shakespeare's choice of violent language in the 'Prologue' was very effective, as it was unusual for a play to be introduced in that way in Shakespearian times. Therefore this gave the audience a feeling of uncertainty, anticipation and intense interest for the first scene. The word 'Mutiny' is a very simple word yet; it is competent and straightforward. Also, the word 'star-cross'd' means ill fated, from this it can be inferred that no matter what happens throughout the play the outcome will be evil. 'Death-mark'd' means that from the beginning it was set that the only possible consequence is for the characters will be to die. 'Act 1 Scene 1' is introduced by a fight conducted by the servants from both, the 'Montague' and the 'Capulet' household. This suggests that the dispute between the households has been going on for a long time back as even the lowest people in the land are affected by it. ...read more.


Mercutio's description of 'Queen Mab' links to violence as it can be inferred that in everything good there is also evil and that true happiness and love only exists in dreams. It also says that great harm could be caused from something minuet. Romeo fears that he will die or that something which will change his life forever is to happen either that night or fairly soon. Romeo blames the stars 'hanging in the stars' (line 107). On the other hand, to the reader this feeling not just by fate but they could have also been created by other characters and to the way they act towards him. The story of 'Queen Mab' was bringing a lot of new thoughts of anger and wonder into Romeo's head as the story was quite mystical and extraordinary. In 'Act 1 Scene 5' at the masquerade, everything is going smoothly until Tybalt; Old Capulet's nephew spots some Montague's, Romeo, Benvolio and their companions. Tybalt's reaction is immediate; his language is highly violent and says that if he was to kill him it would not be a sin 'To strike him dead I hold not a sin' (line 58). Old Capulet orders him to stay away from Romeo and to let him be as he held a party and it would not be disturbed and soon looses his patience. ...read more.


All this shows harsh verbal violence towards Juliet, at this point of the play Old Capulet is at his most violent peak. Juliet tells the friar that she will take her own life if he does not help her find a solution against marrying Paris. Juliet's language shows violence in lines 77-88 as she speaks really negatively and using very grotesque descriptions, so it could be said that she felt this way towards Paris, that he was so repulsive in her eyes that she would do virtually anything to stay married to Romeo. The effect of the potion is very ironic as apparently it basically makes her body act as if dead yet she still lives, this is very contradictive. In Act 5 Sc3, Paris, Romeo and Juliet die. Romeo kills Paris at Juliet's tomb and the n drinks the poison he obtained from Apothecary and dies next to Juliet and as she awakens and sees her Romeo dead she stubs herself with his dagger. The conclusion links to violence as most of leading characters die tragically just because of the initial petty argument between their families, the entire play built up to the last chain of events. 'here's much to do with hate, but more with love' This quotations suggests that hate was more common than love, and that hate lead to love which lead to destruction and more hate, all because of the initial dispute between the families. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camila Jaramillo ...read more.

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