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The Tunnel.

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The Tunnel There staring back at him from the shiny stainless steel cubicle wall was a image of an old weathered man. Well at least this is what Tate thought what it was. He strained his eyes in the dingy toilet to try to make out who it was. He couldn't make out if it was some youth's graffiti work but then he realised some familiar marks. A scar on his left cheek, a slightly offset left ear and a pair of large bushy eyebrows coupled with a set of small pin like eyes, altogether a rather strange combination. At first, he did not believe it but the more he gazed the more it dawned on him. It was him. Frank Tate. Frank was astonished why was he looking like this. He knew he was getting on abit but he was pretty sure he didn't look this bad last time he had the courage to look in a mirror. He started to think to him self that his image must just be distorted in the metal he kept think this trying to convince himself until he could here himself muttering it to him self under his breath. ...read more.


Searching for anything that may suggest that the job may not run smoothly. Tate always planed for the unknown, as he knew it would happen. He always said that "if you do a job you might as well do it properly" and Planning for the unknown always aloud him to do this. However this was one thing Tate had not planned for. He carried on towards the driver's door; he eventually reached it, waited a few seconds and gently tapped on the solid plastic door. It slowly drifted open allowing Tate to see the back of the rather plump drivers head. The compartment was not as Tate had expected. To him it looked like an office not a driving compartment. But then he thought, how would I know. I've only been involved in cleaning and killing. The driver slowly swivelled round slightly in his chair but only to the extent that Tate could see the mans legs and not his face. "We've been expecting you Frank" The classic horror story greeting Frank thought to himself. ...read more.


"Too late for that now Frank" The way he used Franks name every few words intensified the terror and suspense and Frank could feel every last bit of it. "Were nearly there now, look" Frank looked through the window, he managed to spot a glimpse of light in the distance. Was It the end of the tunnel?. It looked like it but frank didn't know. The driver laughed and said "Goodbye Frank Tate, nice to have met you, shame you had to go so soon. Frank knew what was coming he could feel himself gradually sinking into his chair as the end of the tunnel approached. In a funny way, Frank felt like he did not deserve any better. Then he was gone. The ambulance lights Flashed at the station. A woman with a laptop computer was speaking to a police officer. " We sore him slide off the side of the seat and onto the floor. The man sitting behind him tried to resuscitate him but nothing happened, we tried everything we could think of" "Its all right madam", the policeman replied "The paramedics said there's nothing you could have done, apparently he hade a massive heart attack" Jake Brodie-Stedman ...read more.

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