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The use of language in Act 2 Scene of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet

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In this essay, I will be examining Shakespeare's use of language in Act 2 Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet. I will also be looking close up at the events in those scenes which foreshadow the inevitable plot at the end of the play. Romeo has just seen Juliet and both of them are in love. Romeo is cherished by his family and Juliet is outlines as a princess who never has to do any work, she has the world's jewels and essentials done for her. Her decision making in life is easily done by her parents. Love at first sight, as both of them get deeper and deeper in love with each other, they discover that they both belong to their families most hated enemies family tree. Both of the characters believe that their affection for each other is eternal and true so pay no attention to the families and challenge their prestige and authority. This creates confusion and a dynamic mood as the reader is anticipated to read on. Romeo praises Juliet so much that it shows his boundless love and admiration towards Juliet in act 2 scene 2. ''Juliet is the sun'', portrays that Juliet is a powerful female, so attractive that she is as striking as the sun. She is an outline figure which brightens the darkness; this shows that Juliet has lightened Romeo's life full of joy and love which caused Romeo to be madly in love with her at first sight. Romeo is in deep love with Juliet as the quote "kill the envious moon" this suggests that Juliet is so valuable towards Romeo that he could not ...read more.


Juliet is worried about that they have fallen in love quickly and irrationally and need time to think whether this feeling is worth all the secrecy and deceit towards their family. "Too rash, too unadvised, too sudden too like lightening" shows that Juliet is as cool as a cucumber in the relationship as she is trying to make sense of the unreasonable act. Things are going too fast for Juliet with Romeo and Juliet tries to ask Romeo why this is so. Juliet also states her desire to prosper in the bond. "This bud of love...may prove a beauteous flower", shows Juliet wanting the minor emotion of hers to prosper, this is metaphoric as a bud growing to a flower but with many difficulties to grow the fruit. Romeo is worried that he will be left to repent or be unsatisfied from line one hundred and twenty five and that they wont make a pledge of love. Juliet exchanges her vow finally to clear the tension as Romeo is finally convinced that their love is something to fight for. "My bounty is as endless as the sea...for both are infinite", Juliet tries to sway Romeo that her love is pure, true and has no restrictions which is affected by her relatives and close friends. Romeo is assured that both of them are in love, this is evident as both of them are determined to test each other for their love and to see how perpetual (everlasting) their love is for each other. Romeo is unsure whether this is a dream or a real act. ...read more.


"love like lightening" is quoted as describing Juliet appeal, this stresses that Juliet is as bright as the star, as dominant as religion and as powerful as God. As her physical and verbal output is as attractive as the moon. This creates a mood of stimulation as the similes make you feel at the presence of the scene, and viewing someone like Juliet is mind-blowing. The metaphor "bud of love" gives the whole quote a greater meaning. "This bud of love...flower when next we meet", implies a mood of hope, as the reader is made to wait on the conclusion of their love. A sense of sinister and forbidding is created as the conversation develops between the two legacies; Romeo and Juliet. "to cease thy strife, and leave me to my grief", which states Juliet telling Romeo to stop his effort of loving her, which crates a mood of dullness as the tempo suddenly drops, as there is tense conversation between them of passionate love. The mood is very slow as William Shakespeare tries to involve a form of hesitance between the Romeo and Juliet. "Therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me", a sense of hesitance is created as the conversation take a new stage, discussing their relationship in terms of their families approval. Unaware what would be the best act to act upon. A sense of blood and anger is created mid-way though the scene as Juliet is petrifies from the threat posed by her family on Romeo side of the family. "If they do see thee, they will murder thee", an atmosphere of fear and worry is created to show the still and unmoving tension between the two characters. ...read more.

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