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The Wait.

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The Wait She half-walked, half-ran along the moonlit road, a stranger in the darkness. Silence enveloped her as she looked ahead to a house that seemed familiar, but that she had not seen for three months and fifteen days. She observed posters, bearing her face, peering down at her from every tree and every lamppost, fluttering in the cool breeze. Birds cheeped to their loved ones, and she was eager to reach her own loved ones that she had missed for so long. As she reached the garden path, she observed the sunflowers; withered in their beds, that seemed to stand up straight and tall to welcome the familiar stranger home. She fumbled in her bag for the keys she had not needed for so long, but realised that he had taken them from her. She pressed the doorbell and waited impatiently for her mother to come rushing down the hall, calling to her sister, with her arms wide open, ready to embrace her long-lost daughter. She thought back to that sunny school day, when her life had been turned upside down, and she had become famous. The girl's name was Milly. It had been a normal day; nothing out of the ordinary was expected to happen. She had left out of that very same door, climbed into the car with her sister and kissed her father goodbye. ...read more.


I need something to satisfy my hunger - you looked just the girl. The last death was in 1988, the year you were born in - it's been a long time. Oh," he said, looking at her, "you're wondering why I know so much about you? I have connections, you know. People you wouldn't like to meet". Milly was frozen in horror. The man was going to kill her. All she could think was that she had not said goodbye to her mother. Max started dragging Milly back to the car, but her screams were muffled by the gag that had been roughly replaced. When the car arrived at the next venue, she staggered out and was led to an old barn. They were in the middle of nowhere. There were poppies as far as the eye could see, and the scene would have been quite perfect, had she been there in a completely different situation. The barn looked very old, and as she stepped through the doors, she recognised the smell of rotting wood from the roof. There was hay covering the floor and mould camouflaging the walls. "This is where you'll be spending the rest of your days, kid", sneered Max. "What are you going to do to me?" ...read more.


She had no money, so she could not take the bus, but she decided to follow the bus' route until the next bus stop and use the signposts for directions. It was a chilly, summer's evening and the moon was just peeping out from behind the clouds as Milly reached the street where she lived. Anticipation was building up inside her as she reached her own front door that she had not seen for so long. She waited to hear the familiar sounds of thumping as her mother ran down the stairs calling "one minute"! She recognised the figure through the misted glass. The door creaked open and her mother's head appeared. Her eyes grew wide in amazement and she shouted "She's home! She's come back! Gemma! Bob!" Milly was drawn into a tight hug and when her sister and father joined, cries of joy came from all around. Her mother was crying and her father kept glancing at her, as if to check she was still there. For the first time in three months, Milly felt relaxed and peaceful. After three months of her family fretting, they could get back into a normal routine at last. Never again would Milly be apart from her family, and it was only then that she appreciated the importance of support, friendship and company. Finally she was back where she belonged. Becky Ritchie - 1 - ...read more.

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