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The Wait.

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The Wait The rain fell repeatedly down past the small, misted glass window, which lit the room where Charlie Greene lay. It was a small, cold, unwelcoming, square shaped room. It was bare and only consisted of a few necessary items; a small wooden bed, an unhygienic toilet, which had lost the seat, a run down sink, and a broken wooden desk, which was covered in graffiti. The walls were chipped and dented and the lime green paint, which had originally covered them, was scarce, the majority had chipped off and fallen to the ground. The carpet was mustard brown however, originally it had been cr�me but now it was now filthy dirty and covered in bacteria and waste, there were rips in the carpet and it was made of a hard, irritable fabric which was cold to walk on. After the flooding two years ago there were water stains on the ceiling; the stains were brown and particularly in one area they left circular patterns. The water stains had clearly not been treated so algae had formed in the corners of the room, the algae was green and let off an unpleasant smell. The whole room smelt damp and muggy and it was so cold that as soon as you entered you caught a chill down your spine. There was a small radiator in the corner of the room but it gave out no heat whatsoever and hadn't for some time. ...read more.


This brought tears to Charlie's eyes. The pair were running around the street shouting and laughing, Charlie had his two fingers posed in a shape like a gun, they were both loving it, ' Pow, Pow' shouted Charlie. Charlie ran in to his house as quickly as he could to retrieve a toy gun, he ran madly up the stairs into his bedroom, he raced over to the toy box and threw all of his toys on to the floor trying to find his gun, he ran downstairs searching everywhere for it. Suddenly he pulled open the bureaux and there it was his 007-toy gun, Charlie grabbed it quickly and charged outside to find his sister. After finally realising where she was hidden, Charlie dodged from wall to wall in an attempt that his sister would not see him. And...suddenly it happened, Charlie clasping the gun in his left hand, held the gun to Emily's head and pulled the stiff trigger long and hard. Emily fell to the ground. Charlie's horrific flash back is brought to an immediate end as he finds himself with his hands on his head, and his head on his knees. He had fallen off the bad and clasped his whole body in his hands. Charlie was going into a terrible fit, his body was shaking and his face went bright red, he was screaming and hitting himself against the old wooden desk. ...read more.


Charlie had forgotten all of the different colours, which the world consists of as he had been so used to the uninteresting and monotonous colour of which his room held. The beauty of the world was just so unexpected for Charlie that he stood in the same place just watching the sun lit grass, he then went over to a rose bush, he held the rose in his hands and took in the aroma, he held it to his heart and felt a warm sensation. Charlie was not religious but fell to the floor and thanked God for everything and promised to make a new start. The last thing the Police Officer remembered of Charlie was what he had said: 'keep your faith in all beautiful things; the sun when it is hidden, the spring when it is gone, that is something I never did and I will never forgive myself. The loud, piercing noise of the gun shot and the severe pain Charlie felt in his stomach will never be forgotten. Charlie remembered laughing and telling her to get up as it was only a game. Charlie remembered his change in mood, his face went completely still, Charlie bent down and moved Emily's head to the side, and she was bleeding, severely. Charlie ran into his home as fast as he could and dialled the emergency services, Charlie pictured in his mind what had happened on this day, which he will remember for the rest of his life. ...read more.

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