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The Wait.

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The Wait I was beginning to wish that I had not arrived so early. Already I had studied the menu at least tree times and surreptitiously had surveyed the other costumers, to make sure that I was dressed appropriately. I was relieved to find that the clothes I had dithered over that morning were suitable. This was a restaurant that I had often walked past, peering in longingly though the windows but never dreaming I would ever occupy a seat in restaurant. I jerked back to reality as the appearance of a woman in the doorway caused my heart to race and my stomach to lurch. Perhaps it was Kim, as she approached I could feel my palms begin to sweat. I leant forward and put my hands on the arms of the chair and uncrossed my legs ready to stand up and greet her, slowly I relaxed and felt myself grow taller and more confident but the woman veered off to the right towards another table, where a much older man was already on his feet and who greeted her enthusiastically, kissing her on both cheeks before leading her to her seat at his table. ...read more.


Kim laughingly replied "I hope I have changed in the last twenty years because I remember that I was renowned for my scruff bag looks and I now think that would not be a very complementary look for me now at my great age. We ordered wine, and as I sipped the wine, the initial wariness that I experienced began to fade. It was a long time ago that we had been friends and we had much to catch up on and we were soon talking together as though it had only been a few weeks since we had last met. Whilst the waiter hovered Kim took charge of the menu which was I French and my school day French had never been good and now I could hardly remember any of it. I could not remember that Kim had been so fluent or confident in French and wondered where she had learnt to speak French so fluently but I was so grateful that she took charge and did not let me seem stupid because I could not understand the menu. But she had always been like that at school. ...read more.


None of us could settle until she arrived safely. Kim began to giggle a this point in the story and said " I remember banging and banging on the door of the Loo and it was about ten minutes before somebody come into the loo and got the manager to let me out. I was so shocked that everyone had gone but shrugged my shoulders and went and sat back in the cafe but the manager was great and they kept me amused by talking to me, feeding me, providing me with papers and sweets so in the end I had a great time just waiting for somebody to return. I remember that it was that very strange woman scientist who returned for me but the next year left the school and went to work for Greenpeace." I said "Yes' I remember her, I wondered if she lost anything ever again although she managed to get us all through our exams". Kim and I finished our meals and found that we had spent over four hours together and both realised that we had kept our families waiting for us at home when we had both said we would be home at least one hour earlier. We promised to meet soon and not leave waiting to meet again for another twenty years. ...read more.

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