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the white house- aletter to GW Bush

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The White House Washing DC USA 5th October 2007 Re: your comments on the book "Stupid White Men" Dear Michael, I have read your book "an open letter to President George W.Bush". I have found out that many of the things you have written are wrong. Firstly you said that "you and I -we're like family". Hello mister, are you sleeping or what. Are you my uncle?, my father?, my mother?, my aunt?, my grandparents?, my brother? Or my sister that you are calling me one of your family members? You just know my cousin Kevin but you keep no contact with him. Just by knowing my cousin Kevin you cannot become my family member. ...read more.


* Pretending that you are the only person who can speak the best English I the whole of the world. Are you an alcoholic? Yes I am an alcoholic but I don't understand what is your problem and why does this bother you? You are asking me as if you haven't ever tended to touch an alcohol. * In 1966, I was arrested for disorderly conduct after me and some friends had "a few beers" and stole a Christmas wreath from a hotel. * In 1976, I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol near my family's summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. I admitted my guilt, I was fined $150, and had my driving license in the state suspended for two years. ...read more.


I have given them some bribe do this for me because I am an educated man, have confidence that I am good enough to rule the country and good looking too. Once at a young age, when I was about 10. I have once stolen a bunch of chocolate s for Christmas which may have coasted about $98. I stole them because I did not have enough money for giving chocolates to small children for Christmas. I also gave them to some beggars so that they could have enjoyed some Christmas. So by doing this favor you think I am a felon when the whole country can agree with what I did was right by helping the poor people. The only thing I would like to say to you is 'TAKE SOME BED REST AND DON'T STRAIN YOURSELF IN WRITING NONSENSE'. Rohan passi ?? ?? ?? ?? Rohan Passi ...read more.

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