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There are many relationships in the play, some being good and some being bad the first one which I will describe for you is the one which involves both Beatrice and Benedick. This relationship is one that is like no other

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Much Ado About Nothing Essay. The start of the play begins with the returning of the soldiers. In this band of men there includes three men who will become very influential as the play develops. These men are Don Pedro the Prince of Arragon, Benedick a young lord of Padua, and Claudio a young lord from Florence. Don Pedro is a young Prince who is returning victoriously from war. He is a young single man who has not yet found true love. He is a kind and fair man. Benedick is a nobleman who is returning home victorious from a long hard fought war. He is a rather flirty type of man however throughout the play he has a running war between him and Beatrice. This is no ordinary war as it is a "merry war" so instead of using weapons to fight each other they prefer to use clever insults. He is also afraid of getting married because he is scared he will get "cuckolded" which is an old term which implies that your wife will run away with another man therefore horns will grow on your head to show everyone your embarrassment. ...read more.


The two men who are involved did the same to Benedick. This started one of the best relationships in the play. Once Beatrice and Benedick fall in love this starts another relationship off. This one is between Claudio and Hero. As soon as he sees Hero he automatically falls in love with her. However he does not have the courage to ask her to marry him. So whilst at a masked dance, Claudio's friend Don Pedro asks Hero to marry him. Don Pedro is pretending to be Claudio because Claudio is too frightened to ask her to marry him. However Hero accepts the proposal from Claudio and agrees to marry him. However there is a twist in the story and this is that Don John the evil twin brother of Don Pedro has his own evil plan so that the couple cannot be together. This plan involves Conrade and Borachio who are the evil sidekicks to Don John. The plan is that Conrade will sleep with Margaret on the eve of Claudio's wedding night. ...read more.


At first Benedick thinks that she is joking and laughs about it, but when he realises that she is being deadly serious he says no. Then when they are talking later on in the play, Beatrice says to him that if he really did love her then he would do this for her. He then agrees to kill Claudio. So then when Benedick next sees Claudio he challenges him to a duel. Claudio at first rejects his offer, thinking that Benedick is only joking. Then when he fully realises that he is being serious he doesn't know what to say. However then just as they are about to duel, Leanarto, Hero's father tells Claudio, that if he does one thing for him then he will forgive him for killing his daughter. Claudio agrees to do this one task. The task is for him, Claudio, to marry Hero's identical cousin. Claudio, when he gets to the altar having thought Hero was dead as everyone else thought, realises that it was not Hero's identical cousin, but in fact it was Hero. After he had married her they all carry on with their lives as per normal. Thomas Parker ...read more.

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