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There he was, in his beloved chair again, watching an all too familiar war film on his TV set

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There he was, in his beloved chair again, watching an all too familiar war film on his TV set. He stared blankly at the television. Not a sound in his head apart from the distant rumbling of his TV. The room was completely dark apart from the glow of his lamp on a small stool next to him and of course the flickering of his TV. He was completely still. No twisting or fidgeting to get a comfier position in his chair, no movement from his arms or legs, his eyes stood still at a fixed position as if they were determined not to let go of their constant hold on watching his TV. He was positioned right next to his TV set, however to him he might as well have been a million miles away from the aged wooden box. The place had a smell of rotten food and had a musty hint to its humid atmosphere. His messed up long unwashed hair seemed fed up with the lack of interest shown. He neither seemed bored or interested with watching his current choice of film. Then all of a sudden out of the stillness of the room he gave one twisted grin at the moment a soldier had been blown up on the front line on his TV and then after a second or two resumed his normal pose. He then suddenly grabbed the remote control from his arm rest and slammed his thumb onto the off switch and the TV faded out. ...read more.


He walked confidently up the red carpet and threw another fist into the air for the crowd and this made the audience give an even louder cheer for Jack. Finally he reached the stairs and climbed them with ease and entered the stage beside the waiter. "Give them all you've got sir, good crowd tonight," the waiter said in an emotionless tone of voice, however he was smiling in a way. Jack's assistant also in a waiters suit gave Jack an unplugged lamp and then stated "You can start the show now sir" and then walked away to the side of the stage. Jack nodded. He seemed to know instinctively what to do with the lamp and hurled it across the stage and into the wall opposite, it shattered into peaces into the wooden staged floor. The crowd roared with cheers and encouragement Jack was sure he heard one person yelling 'GO ON JACK, THERE'S A GOOD CHAP, JOLLY GOOD THROW'. His assistant then brought forth a bed onto stage and put beside it a wardrobe. Then he introduced a table right in front of Jack with around ten empty glasses stood on it. Jack nodded again and his assistant left for the side of the stage again. Jack picked up a glass from the table and threw it with rage at the wardrobe the glass smashed across the wardrobe and fell in bits onto the floor. Jack screamed with a cry of desperation. The crowd at this point were simply cheering at a deafening level. ...read more.


Jack just uttered one single word to finish the script of a long, depressing night (and life) "Why" Jack was dead, you could tell by the numb comfort of his body. Neither breathing nor no movement. He lay there in a pool of blood still pouring from his pierced hand. Chapter 3 After a day or two the door gave way to the hotel manager and a few medics. They were instantly welcomed to the stench of Jacks dead body. The floor was now just stained with blood. Jacks eyes stared blankly as they did when he was alive into space. "It's no good people, we are too late, a day late by the looks of him" the medic said with his finger pressed against his neck looking for a pulse. "I should have checked his room earlier" said the manager in a horrified tone. "Business is bound to be low after this" exclaimed a worried manager again. Five minutes later the ambulance arrived outside the hotel. The paramedics came rushing into the room with Jack's body bag, they placed him inside the bag, zipped the bag up and that was the end of that. * A brand new door was opened to the very same hotel room a couple of months later to a man who seemed to be rushing against time. A busy man, yet very exhausted, he retired to his chair next to his TV set. He felt a sense of belonging and stayed sat there glued to the TV screen for the rest of the night and there he sat in his beloved chair again the following night completely ignoring the reality outside of his hotel room. He did not feel the need to leave just yet. THE END ...read more.

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