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This essay compares two stories one twentieth century 'A Chip in the Sugar' by Alan Bennett. And the other story is pre twentieth century 'A Sons Veto' by Thomas Hardy

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Ricky Milsted Comparative essay This essay compares two stories one twentieth century `A Chip in the Sugar' by Alan Bennett. And the other story is pre twentieth century `A Sons Veto' by Thomas Hardy, At first glance at both the stories the two stories don't seem to have that much in common, A son veto is quite a tragic whereas a chip in the sugar has a happy ending but the two stories have there similarities both center on mother son relationships and both mothers have a disability of some sort in a sons veto Sophie cannot walk due to an ankle injury, and Vera has bad memory and weak senses in both stories a suitor appears from the mothers past the two sons in the stories prevent marriage for two different reasons. Hardy's story `A Sons Veto' is set in a time when people where to marry within their own class Hardy not only shows that is wrong to create barriers in society but not marrying people in your own class can cause unhappiness to those involved. It is set in the fictional county of Wessex in Victorian England. The main character in `A Sons Veto' is a girl named Sophie who Is a parlor maid for Reverend Tywcott, whose wife passes away while she works for him but Sophie is engaged to Sam Hobson a gardener. ...read more.


In the closing lines Sophie passes away and her lasts words are `why maynt I say to Sam tat ill marry him why maynt I' It is obvious Sophie has died lonely without one shred of happiness in her life the fact that Sam the one person that loves her for what she really is not even invited to her funereal and Randolph has so little respect for his mother or cannot even forgive Sam even tough he plans to be a priest who cannot prejudge anyone. It is such a tragic end to the story and someone who couldn't be any kinder ends up paying a large price for one mistake she makes when she young. Who ends up being like a second class citizen by her Husband and son when there is the possibility that she could have had happiness if she was to have to married Sam from the start. In `A Chip in the sugar' Graham is telling this story in a monologue Graham is a middle aged man with some kind to have some kind of mental illness he has a very liberal view and shares his opinions with his mum who he lives with, Vera Grahams mum suffers from memory problems and the two of them are dependent on each other there life is pretty stable. ...read more.


false hopes, news which will come as a relief to Graham as it will be the end of his relationship with Grahams mum but knows it will be hard to tell his mum about Frank but when he does Vera lifts the lid on `getting one over graham whitteker she says I know about the gay pornography in his room Graham just goes upstairs saying nothing as usual and that is as far as they clashed but don't want to make a big deal out of it. The next morning Vera says to Graham `I do love you Graham' and the two of them plan on going to Ripon for the day Vera says `we like old buildings don't we', and life for Graham and Vera is back to normal. The two stories have their simularities the biggest one is the both the mothers marriages coolapse for two different reasons in the sons veto Randolph phrobited the marriage of Sam had done nothing to offend Randolph, Sophie despratly wanted to marry sam but he kept vetoing the marriage in case it dented his reputations. Whilst in the `chip in the sugar' Graham doesn't stop the marriage he don't like the fact his mum is seeing some one but it turns out Frank has a reputation of leading women astray and unlike a sons veto Vera still has someone in Graham whereas Sophie ends up dying a very lonely old women. ...read more.

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