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This is a diary entry I wrote for my drama coursework on "Visualise the children" by William Blande Morris.

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This is a diary entry I wrote for my drama coursework on "Visualise the children" by William Blande Morris. It's is a story about a teenager with mental problems, and problems with her mother. Wednesday 30th October 2002 Oh really well that's brilliant. Hey, ignore me, I'm just bitching. Blah, I need to revise, I need to send that cheque off to the Adam guy.Tried tested revised. Muahahah. Look, I'm this weird girl who can't spell stuff hahaha. I was so gonna write this when I was in a good mood. Hey, guess what, that plan didn't work. I haven't bought a fucking Halloween costume yet, I haven't REVISED I need to learn the entire biology year...Oh God. Meh, I don't think my brain is actually working properly if you know what I mean. ...read more.


I was sitting there shivering and chain smoking while Sarra was rocking back and forth stoned out of her brain in her big warm army jacket. Bloody hell seriously, I must have smoked about half a packet of cigarettes, I was so cold, I needed something to make me warm and put an edge on me. I suppose that's really when I would need a dab of speed. Mmmm. Coke. I dunno, maybe I should stay away from stimulants. Like, if I drink too much coffee (As in 12 double expressos baaaad idea) I get really emotional, and when I do cocaine I get FUCKING emotional, like in school when I started crying (heh, now I think about it that was kinda funny.) ...so yeah. ...read more.


FUCK, I started December last year, that means its been going on for a whole year. I can't even imagine that, even though I can't remember the first time I purged. Yeah, I suppose it is a problem if you've been bulimic for a whole year. Bulimic...nah that word seriously doesn't sound right on me. I'm just A normal girl who... likes to throw up now and then. Nothing wrong with me. No but seriously...its not like I do it all the time. No more than 4/5 times a week usually. Apart from bad weeks when I do it twice a day every day. But that's not "Out of control" so I guess I'm not a classified bulimic. Agh...I'm gonna die. Oh great, so I'll get cancer from smoking and then burst my espohogous through self induced vomiting. Not to mention the aerosol. Aggh...why the hell do I do so many crazy things? Don't ask me. I'm just, Anna xx ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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