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This task requires me to identify trends that may occur in West London. I will comment on what these trends and what implications they have on William Hill especially on specific job roles and the HR department.

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Question 5) This task requires me to identify trends that may occur in West London. I will comment on what these trends and what implications they have on William Hill especially on specific job roles and the HR department. A trend shows the general direction of a service of data over a period of time that is why when looking at the population at the type of age available in the area and what sectors face a decrease in employment I noticed that population for LWLSC is projected to increase by 2.1% to 1,395,622 in 2005. This trend will affect William Hill because they have various large and small LBO's in West London, which means that they will have a larger pool of core and peripheral labour to choose from. When looking at the core workers in William Hill these are usually the managers who play a major role in the organisation of branches and William Hill win be inoperative without them and peripheral workers are those who fill the slots and can be easily replaced for instant Cahiers. The Size of LWLSC between 1999-2005 of the population aged 15 and under is likely to increase by 2.4%, 16-18 by 7.7%, 19-24% by 7.1% and 25-59 by 1.9% the LWLSC population aged 60+ is projected to decrease by a small percentage in 2005 by 0.9%. ...read more.


Both of these trends are seasonal trends so William Hill know they bound to happen because that is how customers and it is their job to cater to this need however this is subject to increase or decrease depending on the rate of inflation but during night racing more Cashier and Managers are employed to cope with increase of demand. Extrapolating sales trend is useful due to it allowing analysing past events but the real key to business success is planning for the future. Extrapolation means basing a forecast of the future upon past trends. Market research is used by William Hill to collect data to find out about certain information concerning the Internet for example. Primary research is collection of information that applies to a specific purpose and for personal use that is why William Hill may have to conduct it themselves because it may not exist through various means such as surveying, observing and testing. William Hill use primary research to obtain information about people's preferences because this would help know how they spend their money espials loyal cutovers who purchase over the net and or even purchase from home. ...read more.


This decreases competition at first but soon rivals will have obtained William Hill's idea but because they where there first then have obtained a loyal segment of the betting market to themselves. Also quality of the service could improve if not then my predictions will likely be wrong because Corals could move in straight away and decrease our sales and profit so inevitably workers will have to laid off or assets sold to enable the business to recoup. William Hill have many opportunities open to them it is wise to invest in a good human resource because they are the hands of the company and make William Hill a success today. Maximising profit could be expanding but in other areas rather than West London because the pool of labour is not as attractive as William Hill want it to be due to very little are skilled to the extent that they should be by the government maybe if William Hill do operate and investment in technology they will come back to West London and employ because they seem very competent and competitive with Information Technology or if needed recruitment for Head Office then William Hill know the best place to come. Nike Akinde ...read more.

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