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thorpe park essay

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It strike to 6am. It was October 29th. I was very excited for this day because i was going to Thorpe park for the second time. The first time was with my school because i had a good report. I get up but still not wide awake. I have a shower. After my shower i dried my hair and straighten it. Then at 8am i meet my 5 friends at east ham. It took me 1 hour from here to there from the bus. I took two buses w14 then 101. if you go by car then its half an hour. ...read more.


Then the next ride i went on was nemesis inferno. My favourite ride in Thorpe park. I was very fired up for this ride. Unfortunately i had to wait for 2 hours to get on the ride. Its really hard for something which is going to last for 1-2 minutes but it is still worth it. After i went on flying fish which wasn't that scary at all. it slowed down then went fast then slow again. Also its a photo ride. When you are on the ride it takes a picture of you how your face looks like when your on the scariest bit on the ride. ...read more.


in my mind i was saying "this ride isn't going to be scary at all but i was definitely wrong." This ride was very scary. My heart missed one beat. At 2 pm me and my friends had pizza hut. we had lunch late because we wanted to go on all the scary rides first so we don't throw up. The pizza hut had a good service. After lunch i went on vortex, samurai, rush, slammer, detonator. To end the day in Thorpe park i went on loggers leap three times. We had to sit on a log flume. It strike 10pm it was time to go home. I reached at home 12:30am. I said to my self "i had an amazing time with my friends to Thorpe park." ...read more.

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