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To Sir David Maxwell Patrick Fyfe,

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12 Home Court Gardens Pearl Square Central London L1 WST 12th January 1953 Iris Bentley 42 Hughes Lane Neal Palace South London L24 NPS To Sir David Maxwell Patrick Fyfe, I, Iris, sister of Derek Bentley strongly feel that huge injustice has been done because an innocent man life is in jeopardy and has been convicted of a crime he didn't commit. Derek's childhood was very difficult for all us to deal with, it was worse for Derek because since the day he was born, hours later he was taken into hospital again and diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia. We had to take a lot of continuous care and a few blood transfusions in order to save his life. Then when he was four, playing on a lorry of pulp with a few other children, including me, he fell fifteen feet and landed on his head, I've had to live with this ever since. He was rushed again to Guy's hospital and we were told that the impact on his head had caused an epileptic fit and it was unlikely that he'd ever recover fully. ...read more.


I want to be like all the others. I want to read the history books and write essays, but I can't! I can't!" Whilst still in school, in an attempt to keep Derek happy Derek, father set up a workshop at the back of the house at 1 Fairview Road where Derek could continue with his mechanical interests like fixing radios, televisions and bikes. Derek was in trouble with the law for the first time in March 1948. Derek along with another boy was charged with attempted shop - breaking and theft of tickets and ten shillings from a bus conductor till at Croydon Juvenile court. Both were sentenced to over two years, but by order of magistrate Derek was sent back to an inferior School. Two weeks later, after Derek had left school; again along with another boy was charged for theft of tools, which were left on a bombsite. Craig was the total opposite of Derek; Craig was mean, vengeful and very spoilt. Unlike Derek, Craig had many opportunities but chose to throw them all away. His father Niven Craig expected Craig to having a good education by sending his son to the best schools and giving him what he wanted, unaware that Craig carried all these weapon like knives, guns and knuckle - dusters to school. ...read more.


After this he fired several more shots, until his gun was empty. Then he jumped from the roof, onto the floor below. I have put forward to you all the significant facts which the jury have missed. I now ask you can a person who has a reading age of 4.5, an IQ of 66, epilepsy, a mental age of nine and someone who is "feeble - minded" and "weak" be accused of such a crime. Whereas Craig knew what he was doing, when Derek said "let him have it Chris" he meant let the police have the gun but Craig had his own motive, he wanted to get revenge on the police for giving his brother twelve years. So he deliberately shot PC Miles and then tried to frame my brother for it and I strongly believe that my brother Derek is innocent, he has a very soft and affectionate nature, he would never dream of doing something as heartless as killing a police officer. I ask you to take all this into account and trust you to make the right decision. I hope you make the choice which will prevent this innocent mans life being taken for a crime he didn't commit. I leave this matter in your hands. Yours Faithfully Iris Bentley ...read more.

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