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To What Extent Does William Golding Portray Mankind As Being Inherently Evil?

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To What Extent Does William Golding Portray Mankind As Being Inherently Evil? Sir William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, was born on 19th September, 1911 in Cornwall. A rational, scientific view of life was forced on him by his parents, but he sensed the dark, irrational world was all around him. The surroundings he was raised in included a 14th century house in a churchyard with a dark graveyard and dank cellars; these heavily affected his beliefs and views of the world. He went to school in Marlborough, before going to Oxford and (eventually) studying English Literature. He joined the Royal Navy during World War II, which is where he found inspiration for Lord of the Flies. After World War II had ended, he returned to teaching before leaving in 1962 to become a full-time writer. Lord of the Flies (1954) was Golding's first novel, and is undoubtedly his most famous. Golding died in 1993, aged 82. It is hard to classify Lord of the Flies as a certain type of story. It is often described as one, or a mixture, of three things: � A Myth is an ancient, traditional story which doesn't have to be true but explains the unexplainable like human nature or the world we live in. ...read more.


Except by me." Without Ralph, there may not have been any rules on the island. The last sentence of the quote above shows that Ralph wants to have more power than other members of the party on the island. There are two possible reasons to this - he thinks of himself as better than the others, and so should have more privileges, or he realises that someone has to be able to interrupt and stop anyone who is saying potentially harmful things before arguments break out. The latter reason is much more likely, as Ralph is a good person who isn't power hungry - he doesn't suggest he should become chief, or even suggest a vote - he is happy to accept Jack as leader. Also, it is impossible to have a society without some kind of leaders, as there would be no one to create and enforce laws, and punish criminals. A society where all the people are equal also doesn't work as the collapse of Communism has proved. Piggy is different from the other boys on the island in ways that are impossible for him to change; there are also things about himself that he could change that also set him apart from the community. ...read more.


This is very unlike when Piggy dies, as this is very cold and clinical, which matches Piggy's personality. Ralph doesn't weep for Simon as he knows that Simon has gone to a better place where he will be happier. At the end of the novel, the boys get rescued, by a few naval officers. They are smartly dressed, with "white drill, epaulettes, a revolver, a row of gilt buttons down the front of a uniform". The officer, who ventures off the safety of the boat onto the unknown of the island, instinctively reaches for his revolver. This shows that even a "respectable" person like him uses violence without giving it a second thought. How can young children resist evil, if a grown man can't? It shows that there seems to be no escape from the condition of being human. Overall in Lord of the Flies, there are only two inherently evil people: Jack and Roger. They both kill, and try to kill with intent, with no remorse for others. They influence the rest of the tribe, who probably don't know any better, into helping commit these evil acts. On the other hand, Simon was the only character with no evil at all in him. He saw the wider picture, and so was patient with others and tried to enlighten them, but they were not able to comprehend it. ...read more.

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