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Touching The Void Essay. Joes account emphasizes how physically painful his accident was and uses lots of exaggeration

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Oliver McGuigan 1/12/11 Touching The Void Essay Joe's account emphasizes how physically painful his accident was and uses lots of exaggeration "...A fierce burning fire coming down the inside of my thigh." Joe has lots of different thoughts and feeling during the passage going through all the possible outcomes "My thoughts raced madly". Joe also writes about being lonely to make the reader sympathetic. "And very much alone". Simon however is a realist and understands the situation and uses unsympathetic language "your dead ... no two ways about it". Simon is also careful and considerate at the start of the passage "He told me very calmly ..." this shows Simon is much more relaxed in the situation. Joes account is all about him and his accident "I hung, head down, on my back", whereas Simon's account is about Joe and what Joe did but in his perspective "Joe had disappeared behind a rise in the ridge." ...read more.


He talks in the last paragraph about being left by Simon as he has got broken leg and can't continue "and very much alone...He would leave me...Left Here? Alone?...the notion of being left." This makes us feel sorry for him as he is showing ho he is lonely this is a very good to make the audience sympathies with Joe. He uses short emphatic statements to convey his emotions "The rushing speed of it confused me...My knee exploded". Joe uses ellipsis to create tension "Everyone said it ... if there's just two of you a broken ankle could turn into a death sentence." Joe's last line is a very good last line as it has two meanings "I could feel myself teetering on the edge of it." it means in one sense he is on the edge of panicking and on the edge of the mountain. ...read more.


he is worried about what will happen to him and he uses a lot of very good metaphors to describe the pain he was in for example he says "A fierce burning fire coming down the inside of my thigh" he uses this as there is obviously not a fire in the middle of a frozen mountain as it is a contrast and is shows the pain as if he was in a fire. He talks about "a wave of nausea surged over me" this is telling us about a dramatic change in which is taking place as he is trying to calm himself down, and then he says "and the sharp cold seemed to calm me" this is suggesting that he is getting a relaxing feeling which is odd as you can't often relax when you are in freezing temperatures. He then goes on to say "thinking about it. Left here? Alone?" this is trying to make the reader more sympathetic towards the reader. ...read more.

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