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Traditions in "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson.

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Traditions "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a story about a community that has a tradition. The tradition is when the community gets to gather once every year for the lottery. The head of the household (men) is present with a peace of paper to see who when the lottery. But everyone is not treated equal the lottery is a barbaric tradition, false assumption of a lottery, and has an argument. "The Lottery", is the annual ceremony in which the inhabitants of a small village draw lots to determine who will be stoned to death that year. This story is replete with symbolism, symbolism reflecting the dichotomy of humanity, the good and the evil of mankind. ...read more.


The False Assumptions of a Lottery, the thought of a lottery, brings to mind the idea of winning money, prizes, and bonuses. However, In Shirley Jackson's, The Lottery, the word has a completely different meaning. In this lottery, the winner sacrifices his/her life so the rest of the town's people can have food during the year, until the next lottery. Through the actions and contrast of settings, Shirley Jackson shows the inhumanity of the traditional lottery and points out the cruelty of people and the relationship between the people. It becomes apparent this community is very weak-minded. Even the way they congregated at the lottery was done systematically in a sexist way. ...read more.


That is sad that is lead to that. But that is the way the tradition goes. It should be that way. The lottery is a barbaric tradition, false assumption of a lottery, and has an argument. It is a good tradition if every one participates. It gives that community some value in life but mean and women should be treated equaled. In those days the sons came before wife. Everyone should be treaded equal; Men, women and children's. That is one tradition that needed to be stop it is unfair to others. That is not the way it is suppose to be. Everyone should be able to live there life to the fullest and be treated equal and with respect. ...read more.

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