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Trapped - Fictional Writing. He was flying down through the clouds of perfect snow, his long thick hair trailing behind him as he turned in and out

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Trapped Chapter 1 The immense exhilaration was flowing through his body, the adrenalin pumping through his veins as it had done so many times before on these wonderful piests. He was flying down through the clouds of perfect snow, his long thick hair trailing behind him as he turned in and out, gliding over the white fields. Jean Bernard was an extremely wealthy French businessman. He was owner of one of the most successful electrical stores in Britain, and it had made him millions. Whatever the occasion and at whatever time, he would be punctual and immaculately dressed, usually in one of his spotless white suits. That was for fifty weeks of the year. For those other two there would be only one place you would find Jean Bernard, and that was on the slopes. Jean and his family had been staying at the Byblos Hotel, Courchevel for a week now, and he had the afternoon to ski by himself. His wife and daughter had gone off shopping for the day, and his son had decided to stay at the hotel after lunch. ...read more.


Jean was really starting to pick up pace here, and the jumps were becoming harder to land. He pulled up, and looked down at his watch. It was half past five already, and the orange sunset was starting to become visible through the mountains. It was time for Jean to head back to the hotel, but he could not resist going for another couple of jumps before retiring for the day. He dug his poles into the ground and pushed off, gliding on over the snow. The snow was at its thinnest here, and as he lifted off the ledge, which was by far the largest he had gone off so far, his breath was taken away as he flew through the air. Jean had misjudged exactly how high the cliff actually was. He tried to keep his body parallel to the ground, but he was just starting to lean forward. He had started to panic. He knew if he went too far he would snap his legs, and as he continued to fall he continued to tilt. ...read more.


It seemed so long ago, and as he thought about it more, he yelled, the sound of his voice echoing around the huge underground cavern, so loud, yet no one could hear him. He was unsure how long he had been lying there, and as he looked down at his watch (it was nearly 6 o'clock), an idea came to him. He felt for his phone, although lifting his arm was a struggle, as he sunk his hand into his back left pocket. When landing he had not smashed the phone, and he could feel it as he lay in pain. With one final push he grabbed hold of it and pulled it up, his fingers clasped around it. As he pulled it out he rolled onto his back, bringing the phone round in front of his face. It was growing dark, and only a small amount of orange light was coming in to the cavern. He stared at the screen, and to his horror, saw that there was no signal. He blew out his chest, with the horrible sinking feeling that he was buried alive. The worst thing was no one knew he was there. ...read more.

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