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Travel Writing

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Travel Writing The Bahamas is full of a vast array of inimitable little islands, populated by the laid back people of the Caribbean. Great Exuma is one of these, a place of warm tranquillity and relaxation, a place where peace can be found. A minute number of people inhabit the 90 mile stretch of land where you will find an amazing variety of wildlife. The majority of untouched island is covered by jungle-like surroundings known as the mangrove, its inhabitants being deadly scorpions and snakes, roofed by the leaves under which poisonous skull-spiders shelter. The vast green mangrove covering the island surrounds a small quiet town where the few inhabitants of this unique part of the world will be found. The locals are friendly people, mainly running small restaurants or fishing businesses, giving them enough money to live freely. ...read more.


It may sound like a slight clich´┐Ż but this is an experience that you will truly never forget, as you feel such unity with nature and this cannot be explained until you have witnessed it yourself. You start to think "maybe this is how life should be lived?" A life without worries, responsibilities or stress, a life that is to be lived out how you want, without any authoritative figure forcing you how to live, presenting you with an immense urge to just leave the dull and dark cruel society that we are faced with everyday to go and discover the kind of rare tranquillity that can be found in an such an incredible place unfound and unscathed by the greed of man. The crystal clear sea, the incredible exotic creatures and the peaceful life style of the Caribbean is what makes it so remarkable. ...read more.


It really is an experienced that must be lived by you, as there is no other place like this with such glazing warmth of the sun everyday, encountered by the soothing ocean at your doorstep. If you're sitting reading this now and are even slightly interested, I'll leave you with this...your on a sandy white beach under the shade of a hanging palm tree, as you gaze into the vast clear sea in complete peace with an ice cold drink in your hand. The sun begins to fall laying a golden red stream of colours on the horizon. As the sun slowly cascades from the sky, you feel an immense peace within you. You now realise you have been gazing at the vibrant sunset for hours and soon you will awake to another day in paradise. ...read more.

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