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Travel writing

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Back Home I stood staring into space, filled with joy. The air was dense with excitement and I found it difficult to breathe. I was standing in the middle of the train station of what a decade ago would be part of the China Sea. According to my memory, Ho Yuen was an undeveloped but secure town where I lived for the first four years of my life. Now, I was going back to visit my old friends and kindergarten teachers, especially Mr. Zhang, my affable educator and confidant who I respected and admired. I got on the bus outside the train station, about to go exploring and discovering the astonishing developments of my hometown. The coach took off with a loud roar, and the next thing I knew I was already on the highway, speeding. There seemed to be no limit to the maximum speed of the public transportation and it just kept on increasing its velocity. The vehicle was travelling at such an unnecessary speed that I could barely see the dark green foliage next to the road. ...read more.


How could I describe the current Ho Yuen? Revolutionized? If I had not been conscious on the destination label on the train ticket, I would affirm I was in a developed Asia city like Hong Kong. Eleven years ago, there was only a narrow trail leading to the town and no sign of civilization could be found. Now, standing under the lime lights, I saw rows of streets in a neatly aligned fashion and technological advances could be spotted everywhere. The only structure I scarcely recognized was the tall hazel building in front of me, the site where I used to dine with Mr. Zhang and it was also my lodging for the holiday. The hotel used to be tiny and surrounded by only a few shops, but the edifice that stood in front of me was another story. It was colossal and enclosed by several mega-stores with sparkling and colourful window displays. Strolling up the street, I was so amused by the products that I nearly collided with an elderly man who was carrying tons of plastic bags. ...read more.


By the way, how do I know what you are thinking? How do I know that you are not trying to steal my possessions?" Huge lumps of tears started forming in my eyes, fighting their way down. Even though I did not want to, I must admit this impossible fact. The benevolent Mr. Zhang in my mind had turn into a vile, suspicious and discourteous villain. I asked for the last time, trying helplessly to disprove the reality, "Do you remember who I am, sir?" "How the hell would I know your name! If I did, I would wish I could forget it forever!" I shook my head in despair. It seemed pointless staying in this town. In distress, I muttered, "My name is Kelvin." Revelation suddenly appeared on the dotard's face, but it was purely sorrow. No sign of jubilation. After a few minutes of silence, he finally announced, "you have changed." I let out a forced laugh, turned to face the hotel, and grinned to myself, "?people not from this town?" I walked down the street, people passing me by. They looked me up and down but they did not look me in the eye. I was just another stranger in my hometown. ...read more.

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