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Travel Writing Coursework

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Travel Writing Coursework. Leena Patel 10BW. I could see the doors right in front of me; I wheeled my suitcase behind me towards the exit. The doors flung open and an immense gush of hot air took me by surprise. I gazed round and I could see a pure blue sky, surrounding a powerful gold plate looking downwards. I also saw several exotic palm trees. Coming from London, it was definitely different. There was no chance in seeing a bright blue sky, without a single grey cloud. I wasn't alone; I had my mum, my aunt and my aunt's friend - with me in Florida, Orlando. On my way, in the taxi, I saw lots of tall glass cityscapes. It basically looked like London but was more commercialised for tourists. I arrived at the Quality Inn Hotel. I had to share a room with my aunt, which I was not too pleased about. The swimming pool was dreadful. It was like a swamp, infested with germs and a sickly green fluid, floating on the surface. ...read more.


Don't think I'll be going there again. We went to Sea World and all the Disney Parks, but there was one I clearly remember, it was Epcot. The reason is because of the terrible incident I had. The first thing I noticed was the huge circular globe, broadcasting Epcot. There was a hand next to the sphere's side and it was holding a wand. Anyone who couldn't tell that it was Mickey Mouse's hand must be either insane or not from this planet, as it was positively obvious. I went inside a large building and got on the ride Soarin'. I heard it was an amazing experience. The seats were uncomfortable and the harness came down like the ones in a roller-coaster ride. Suddenly, the whole row raised upwards. I began to think this wasn't such a good idea, as I'm afraid of heights. Just then the row stopped lifting and it was at a stand still, in front of a black screen. Was it broken? ...read more.


It was definitely animal cruelty. When the man pulled on the tail of the reptile, it was so heavy that when he dropped the alligator, the poor animal got thrashed against the side, causing the scaly skin to spilt and there was a gush of blood trickling down against it's back. After the show, we went to have lunch. The extraordinary thing was that they sold gator nuggets. It was different and I've never done anything peculiar before, therefore, I wanted to try one. It looked like a normal nugget, scattered with breadcrumbs. It smelt of fatty oils and it felt tough. I took a small bite. It tasted rough and chewy. It was a cross between turkey and pork. It was salty and I could feel the uneven texture brushing against my tongue. I did not enjoy the experience. The best part of the whole holiday was Discovery Cove. I got to snorkel with tropical fishes and enormous stingrays. However, that wasn't the highlight of my trip. It was having the chance to swim with a dolphin. Her back was so smooth and she was such a loveable mammal. I will absolutely treasure that memory, with me, forever. ...read more.

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