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Travel Writing Coursework

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Travel Writing Coursework Stepping off the plane, I could tell I was in Africa. The intense sweltering heat of the African sun stifled me as my feet reunited with the soil of my home. The mesmerisingly beautiful African sunrise captured me in its piercing glare; the sun rise was like a blanket of god warming the earth. The air was almost too fresh and sharp to breathe. I was extremely looking forward to seeing Victoria Falls in Southern Africa and now I was finally there, and the minute I realised how beautiful Victoria Falls was, England was long forgotten. My family and I were greeted by the sound of the African drums played by the natives and African dancing, there were so many people crowding us. That counting was not an option, everyone for some reason seemed so hyper, it was all because people knew that there tourists arriving, and this meeting of people could not have made me feel anymore important, only then I realised that when you're on holiday you are so powerful. The feeling was too surreal to believe; the African hills were roaring at me like the Lion King. ...read more.


When I eventually got up; I got straight into the shower. An hour or so later, and clean, my family and I went for a delicious breakfast, and my brother Darrell and I were having a competition to see who could eat the most, and even though we were in the heart of Africa we still had our full English breakfast. Then for the best part of the holiday we went to see the waterfall, before we even got to the waterfall we could hear the famous smoke that thunders with the amazing crackling sound and then eventually got soaked by the condensation. When we did arrive, our jaws dropped to the ground in amazement, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever see, it was just perfect, it was gigantic, it probably took us an hour to see the whole thing, we drove straight to the hotel to change because we were soaked, it was hilarious. When we eventually dried off and changed, seeing as it was the day I planned to make the most of my holiday, instead of all the partying I decided to go and relax by the pool, all my family thought I was crazy, because I wasn't the type to change partying for relaxation. ...read more.


it was my turn to have my fun and getting them back for what they did to me, and it actually worked, I just told them, "Don't ever try that again". The time had for me to say good bye to my holiday, to this stress free living. I was actually really upset about the whole thing because I really loved the place and I didn't want to go home, I had even made friends with the hotel staff and some of the locals, I even practiced the local language Ndebele I felt very much at home, but all of a sudden I had to say my good byes. Making our way to the airport I was really upset and my mum knew that, there was a real uneasiness in the car, because no-one wanted to go home, and as I set foot onto the plane I had a flash back remembering the first time I laid eyes on the beautiful African valleys. I just took a breath in and carried on making my way onto the plane and just looked forward to getting back home, and I made myself a promise that I had to come and see this place again!!!! By Derek Steele ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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