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trip of a lifetime

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The trip of a lifetime. It was the warmest it had been in Los Angeles since the summer of last year. All over the city people were shedding their thick, bulky sweaters for flirty little skirts and colorful Havainas flip-flops.. After a long, cold winter and a spring that felt just as horridly cold as winter, summer was finally starting to show its warmth and splendor. There was a calm serenity all over the city, as people layed in the sun, played in their backyards on the newly exposed green grass. Everywhere was quiet. Everywhere, that is, except the room of the girl who lived in 45 St. every where except in the room of Liza Duke. Liza was ecstatic, and had no intention of expressing her enthusiasm quietly. She couldn't believe what she had just heard, and after a moment of stillness in a silent shock, she screamed a louder scream than had been previously expelled for her mouth. If she had heard correctly, and she was sure she had, then her best friend, Nikky Smith, had invited her to go to Ibiza that summer along with their friends, Reese and Lucy, in a mere three weeks. According to her also ecstatically excited best friend, Nikky�s parents had a gorgeous house on the beach in Ibiza and they were letting the four girls stay there for the whole summer, by themselves! ...read more.


It was almost the end of her senior year, only one more day of classes was left, and then a week of exams. Liza would be going off to university in a few months, and so this was the time when most parents were giving their kids a bit of freedom. Well unfortunately, most parents did not include her parents. She was sure she had the most over protective parents in the world. She wasn't aloud to walk to school by herself until grade 11, because her parents were sure she'd get lost or beat up, even though she'd gone to the same school since she was in Kindergarten 4, and was friends with just about everyone in her neighborhood. Yeah, she thought, this isn't going to be easy. Liza went through her wardrobe and tried to find the most conservative outfit she owned. Finally, she settled on a pair of high rise kakis and a cute pink blouse. She checked herself out in her full length mirror. I look completely nerd and childish, she though, it's perfect! (Of course, this is the kind of perfection Liza�s parents like). She decided that it needed one final touch, and so she went into her bathroom to wash all of the makeup off of her face. ...read more.


"Ok then, it's settled." Liza confirmed, and went up to her room to start studying. Five minutes later, her friend Lucy called. "Lizzieee, oh my god, the HOTTEST party of the year is happening tonight at the beaches. It's a graduation party, you have to come," Lucy informed her. "Sweet! I'd love to come" she started, and then stopped herself, remembering her deal with her parents, "I'd love to come... but I can't make it Lu, sorry." "What do you mean you can't make it? You've never missed a party your whole high school career! What's wrong? Are you sick? Oh my god! Are you dying?" "Look, I made a deal with my parents, and I just can't, I'm sorry. Have fun ok? Bye!" Liza hung up, totally devastated that she was missing out on a hot party, and on such a beautiful day to be hanging out with her friends. She changed into her pink Victoria Secret's pajamas and took out her books. She sat on her bed looking out the window onto the street. The dark street was lit up by the streetlights, and she could see Nik's car pulling out of her driveway across the street, probably headed towards the party. She sighed, took one last look out the window, and turned back to her biology text book. Jazmin Avellaneda ...read more.

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