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Trish's Diary.

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Trish's Diary Dear Diary, my mum and I are at each others throats again. She doesn't seem to understand that I am 15! I can make my own decisions. She went out and bought white curtains with grey splodges, must have been in some bargain bucket or some trampy shop. But she has to get rid of my old ones so I can't even put them back up... I can't take much more of her interfering in my life, its driving me mad. It's like she is trying to give me what she wanted as a kid... but that was like 20 years ago, times have changed, what have I got to do to make her see. Becky's mum isn't like this; in fact she is pretty cool! She even lets her boy friend sleep round... can't even see my parents letting me have a boyfriend. I need to get away, but I have got no where to go, least I have got Tom's party to look forward to. ...read more.


My dad didn't even turn round; I could hear the sound of quick short steps which I took to be my mother. She ran to the car door and opened it, she also looked as irate as my father; they both helped me into the house and sat me down on the couch. As I looked round my mum was holding by bag, my heart sank as she started to open it, I looked away as she opened it. She let out a shriek and called my dad over. His face seemed to sink when he saw what was in there. I had only had sex once before will Michael my previous boyfriend, but they assumed the worst. What hurt most was when my dad called me 'dirty slut' I couldn't believe he said it. That made my mind up I had to get away. Once they sent me to my room I started packing, I hope to leave in the night, I might go to Tom's but I will not be able to stay since it will be the first place they look. ...read more.


Whish me luck. Love Trish Dear Diary, I am here, erm.... Place seems to be ok, nothing special, but Craig (that's Tom's mate) seems a bit creepy. First thing he seemed to do was check me out. I mean how creepy is that. Oh well suppose I will have to put up with it, Tom said that he will come and visit as much as possible, still don't feel comfortable, any way I got to go Love Trish Dear Diary, oh my god Craig came onto me! He started stroking my leg, it was disgusting, I have to get out of here but I think he has locked me in. I called Tom and he just said I was being stupid. I think he was in on it. I think I might have to call my parents. I don't know what to do... help me! Love Trish Dear Diary, I have decided that I am going to call my parents, what else am I suppose to do. I hope they will be able to forgive me.... I did do some pretty terrible things... I mean ... they weren't that bad, just looked it. Oh well I got to get away from here! They must take me back........... ...read more.

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