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True Love

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True? Isabelle Hammond was not your normal 17 year old, yes she went to school and had friends, got into trouble with parents, teachers and the police but not for the typical things. Isabelle had everything but she gave it all up for one boy, the boy she loves. Isabelle is actually me and this is timeline of events that changed my life forever! I have always known I was adopted ever since I was small but until year seven of comprehensive school I thought I was an only child until I found out that I actually had a sister and brother that were my age and a younger brother in the year below. And I have always been into music and musicals I got told it was because of my mum, she died performing. By the time I was eleven I had already broken quite a few world records for music. I was always one for the boys. I always had a boyfriend and had snogged countless boys. There was a rumor going round that I had shagged a few but they weren't true. As far as sex was concerned I was waiting for "The moment" as they say. Before September 2008 and before year ten in school I had always 'loved and lost' but this year was going to be different, I had promised myself that I wasn't going to date anyone until I had finished my GCSEs in year eleven!. ...read more.


"Maybe but I can still perform lol" I slurred back with a wink. "You're too young to be thinking of that!" He laughed. "Get over it! I've been worse than this in the middle of a class in school!" I cried, I didn't have a drinking problem and wasn't a big slut but just loved being a rebel. "You're so naughty!" Mark said getting closer to me "ooo, what are you gonna do about it then Mark baby!" I whispered in his ear "This" he whispered back and kissed me. Within a few moments I noticed that everyone had left the room and there was a quick note which said 'get a room and stop making out in front of your friends princess' "Princess?" Mark questioned "Yeah it's my nickname I always act like a princess" I replied as I got closer to him and then started to whisper in his ear "and I always get treated like one as well" Later that evening I got a chance to phone home to see how my sister is, and I told her everything and I found out that she broke up with her boyfriend over her ex which didn't make me happy at all, I liked her boyfriend we were friends and we helped each other in maths but I still went to bed that night with a smile on my face. ...read more.


As we got nearer to his house we bumped into one of his friends who told us he was in work down in the west end, sounds like my uncle. We got there are saw him he was rehearsing for Hairspray that's another thing that sounds like my uncle. As he finished he walked towards us with the usual gift bags, and said that he bought tickets for our family and friends from stage school he's always been that kind to us. As it was getting late and we had a concert to prepare for we said goodbye and left. We got to the London arena and were getting ready for the first concert stop, me and the girls in the usual mini skirt and the boys as boring as normal in shirts and tee-shirts and then their famous jeans. Then we went on stage. As we finished the concert and came off stage I found my elder sister, Star waiting backstage saying that Andrew had asked if she wanted to come along with us on the rest of the tour and maybe join in on a few of the songs I was excited showing my sister everything but I knew that when we get to the Cardiff stop then her 'ex' would be there this made me very worried that it might cause friction. After a few weeks Mark and I got much closer and so did Jay and Lyndz I felt sorry for Star and Jessie because they were on their own we would have to sort that one out. ...read more.

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