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Twentieth century Drama assignment – Bloodbrothers

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Twentieth century Drama assignment - Blood brothers When I wrote my additional scenes I wanted to portray an image of two different families, one wealthy, the other quite poor. I chose to do the twins' birthday because I felt that this would be a perfect example of showing the differences and introducing the class division issues. When writing my additional scenes I had to consider many aspects of the play. For example - The plot; characters and action; setting; themes; language; dramatic devices and stagecraft also, the writers intended effect on the audience. The plot of my additional scenes looks at Mickey and Eddies two, very different birthday celebrations. It comes into the play some years after they decided to become blood brothers. ...read more.


I think that if I were to make my scenes into part of a theatre production, I would not want any props, backdrops or extravagant scenery. I feel that when acting with only yourself and the other characters, the audience will be focusing more on the ideas of the play rather than the 'sparkly props' or 'fancy scenery'. For Mickey's party I would use happy type of music all the way through, but for the parts in Eddie's Party where it is dramatic, I would use eerie sounding music for when Mrs Lyons is having a mental stage. I think the difference between the boys' lifestyle is immense and I think it would be appropriate to show this and display those differences clearly because of the two mothers' ways of bringing up the twins. ...read more.


of the play and feeling that the boys are split up and should be together on their special day, celebrating together, but they are forced to be apart because of their mothers' deadly secret. I think the song at the beginning of the play is very well written and I think that the dancing a singing is symbolic and represent hope and the struggle people make to rise above the restrictions of their daily circumstances. I think that the scenes I have written are symbolic in showing the differences in classes and how different one life can be from leaving one family and moving into another, but the way each of the siblings stand up for each other as if it's life or death. Not even knowing that they are truly blood brothers. ...read more.

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