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Two short stories essay - Tony Kytes and Turned

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Two short stories essay Both stories have endings reader would anticipate. This keeping the reader in suspense, thinking how everything will be resolved, and how the characters will correlate with one another. The protagonists in these two stories have very distinct and powerful personalities, which give readers more interest and fun in reading about them. "Tony Kytes..." s a story where everything is happening on a Saturday afternoon in rural southern England and all characters are agricultural workers, being the opposite of "Turned" where the story progresses over months and in a city type area. The plot in "Tony Kytes..." is submerged in a very interesting way. Hardy includes series of events to comic tension, keeping the reader thinking about what will happen next. Hardy also uses light humour keeping the reader intent. This is reflected by the part when Tony wants Milly to hide in the back of his wagon (where Unity is also hidden) to avoid an "unpleasant" situation. The story is being told by a narrator as if he/she sees the incident. The narrator describes the story as if we were right next to Tony, hearing what he hears and seeing what he does. This is similar to "Turned" as it also has a narrator. The character of Tony is gradually shown as the story proceeds. ...read more.


Humans conquer so much difficulty in finding "true love" but then we refuse when it is virtually offered to us on a plate. Hannah says no to Tony's proposal because her dad is with her and also due to a feeble scratch on her face, even though she wants to be with Tony for the rest of eternity. This bizarre behaviour can also relate to Mr. Marroner's actions in "Turned." He has a loving, stable relationship with Mrs. Marroner, even whilst being apart from each other they communicate passionately through letters. Mr Marroner decides to throw all this away due to one lack of self-control. Both stories encourage, us the readers to hate the male disposition of the stories. "Tony Kytes, the Arch deceiver," just the title of the story almost urges us, making us sense that Tony is not the greatest of people. Just by reading the title we acknowledge that the story is about Tony and his conniving ways. "Turned" however uses a very different technique. Mr. Marroner is not at all one of the main protagonists, not until the very end. The hatred for Mr. Marroner's actions is gradually aroused in the reader compared to "Tony Kytes, the Arch-deceiver" where we acknowledge from the beginning the type of man he is, with the main enthethis is on the words "arch deceiver." ...read more.


When Mr. Marroner had to go abroad for his firm we find out that he sent romantic letters t his wife: "... You will be looking so lovely, with that eager light in your eyes" This use of flattering speech is very similar to that of Tony's in the other short story. They are the only male characters experienced in the two stories and both have the same loving, charming, manipulating attitude towards women. Through the quote above we get a sense of the warmth that Mr and Mrs. Marroner share. When we discover Mr. Marroner's unfaithfulness it bewilders us. We then begin to read on hoping to find out more. Bewilderment is also experienced within "Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver" as to when Tony is turned down twice (when he proposed) by what us the readers truly relied on to say yes. Gerta who does not want a child has one and Mrs. Marroner who wants a child is not endorsed to have one. We get this impression from the quote: "How they do come where they are not wanted..." "This is the sin of man against woman." This quote is a key factor of the story. The story naturally is a lot more pragmatic. It deals with everyday situations that occur increasingly in this society and era. This is what I feel gives "Turned" he edge over the other short story "Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver." - 1 - ...read more.

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