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Views on Love in "Romeo and Juliet".

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´╗┐Anita Ansari Eng-10-2 December 6,2012 What is your opinion on the idea that people view love differently? Love is something very special because it has inspired so many books, songs,movies and paintings. But everyone views it differently like the characters in ?Romeo and Juilet?. In this story there are many different types of love that is being expressed by the characters. Love is shown in many different ways like parental,sexual,friendship and formal love but the main aspect is true love which is between Romeo and Juilet. Romeo?s point of view of love changes through out the story. At the beginning Romeo believes love is painful he says ?Is love a tender thing? It is too rough,too rude,too boistous and it pricks like a thorn?? (1.4.25) ...read more.


Romeo was in love with being in love and he had this carzy obsession about loving Juilet. Life and death wasn?t his situation when he loved Rosaline but for his true love he killed himself. Mercutio has a very different view of love compared to the rest of the characters. Mercutio sees love as a sexual apetite. He tells Romeo ?And to sink in it you should burden love ?Too great oppression for a tender thing??(1.4.23-24)Which means that if you sink,you?re dragging love down.Its not right to drag something tender as love.Mercutio doesn?t take love seriously in any way,in fact he also says ?If love be blind,love cannot hit the mark??(2.1.35-40)?Prick for pricking love,and you beat love down??(1.4.28-30)Through out the story Mercutio perspective of what love is stays the same.He has a total different opinion of love than Romeo he doesn?t take it intensely. ...read more.


Love is something very special because it inspired so many books,songs,movies and paintings. Mercutio is prosaic about love and considers it as a chase for something sexual rather than it being affection and devotion for Romeo. Romeo expresses his love by his words,actions and the commitments that he makes. As for Mercutio love is just about sex but he doesn?t understand the way Romeo views love because their perspective of love are very different. Love is wonderfuland it?s a basic emotion that we all get in some way. It is your choice what meaning you give love but love will always be an important aspect of your life that you will experience. Love is one word but we all have our own definition for it. ...read more.

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