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What affect does the media have on today's society?

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What affect does the media have on today's society? Due to the global society we now live in, the media has an ever increasing role in informing and educating us about parts of the world we don't get to hear about due to the distance in locations. The media has many positive, influential roles, for instance; TV programmes where people discuss religious issues and attitudes. 'The Heaven and Earth Show', considers religious matters and shows the audience how they affect people's lives. Songs of Praise is a Christian programme, which is on Sunday at around teatime. The reason why Songs of Praise is on at that time could be because the religious community is trying to be involved with modern families . If the BBC puts the show on during teatime they are allowing the religious community to have a programme it can watch whilst having a modern day ,'TV diner'. ...read more.


Those who are Christians and cannot get to a church, especially the old or ill. Those who are interested in religious discussions and want to listen to the views of others. People in mixed or no faith relationships Exploring these issues can only make it easier for people to be more tolerant of differences between members of our society regardless of what some newspapers might present. However, some people believe that media violence does have an affect on children. They say that children don't know the difference between acting and things that go on in real life but it's not the children's fault that they go out and repeat what happened on television. I would say it is the parents' fault that they don't teach their children that shooting somebody in the head on television is not real life and is in fact wrong. ...read more.


I believe that Government censoring of any form of media could result in the government gaining more control of our lives. They should be encouraging us, through education to decide what is right and wrong and then we can be our own censor. That way it wouldn't be so easy for a government to create propaganda when it thought it needed to. Television is one type of media that invites the viewer to use stereotypes they have made and gives little depth in analysis of groups within society e.g. Religious, racial and differently aged groups Shows such as 'Love Thy Neighbour', may have influenced your view of coloured people and what it is acceptable to call them especially if you do not have any friends who are coloured so you do not know how this affects them. People should be less ignorant and not believe the media's every word and they should think for themselves. ...read more.

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