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What do Frank and Rita Gain and Loose by the end of the Play?

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What do Frank and Rita Gain and Loose by the end of the Play? By the end of the play, the characters of Frank and Rita have undergone tremendous transformations from the characters we met at the beginning of Willy Russell's play. They have both gained and lost not only material items, but also more valuable emotions and fresh outlooks on life. These changes have occurred as a result of experiences, character development and as a reaction to each other's transformations. When Rita expresses a desire to learn at the beginning of the play, Frank states, 'I'm going to have to change you'. He succeeded in changing her, but what did the characters really gain and loose by the end of the play? From the very start of the play, Rita is patently out of place in the 'middle class' world of the academics. Her language is coarse and vulgar, and she does not possess the ability to express literary concepts on anything other than a basic level. ...read more.


She replies ' I might even have a baby.' Previously in the play, she adamantly stated, that she would not have a child, until she had 'found herself'. Perhaps the dismissal of her husband Denny, motivated her to reach her goals. Therefore, not only has she gained a superb and rewarding set of exam results, but also the element of choice in her life, replacing the incompleteness she formerly felt. Throughout the play, her respect and admiration for Frank fluctuates, but by the end she returns to Frank's office, purely to tell him ' because of what you'd given me, I had a choice. I wanted to come back an' tell y' that. That y' a good teacher.' She regains the respect she initially possessed for Frank. On a more material level, Rita has gained a dress from Frank by the end of the play, which serves to underline the tenderness and affection with which Frank regards Rita. Rita emerges a more rounded and fulfilled character. ...read more.


Therefore, by the end of the play, Frank is more in touch with his emotions and has lost the harsher edge of cynicism. By the end of the play his relationship with Rita remains, to me, slightly ambiguous. In some ways, he has regained Rita's companionship, as they have overcome their difficulties. However, he has also lost Rita, as they are moving on, in separate directions. For me they are both true, as Rita seems to have regained her uniqueness and vitality (Frank's ultimate wish), yet I find it hard to comprehend how their relationship could simply continue after all that has transpired. As Willy Russell's play develops, it is clear to the reader, that Frank wholeheartedly welcomes Rita's refreshing personality, which seems to shake him out of his mundane lethargy. Her colourful language and un-tainted opinions appear to transform Frank's outlook on life and releases him from his mundane and dissatisfied existence. By the end of the play Frank has gained a fresh, new perspective on life, and perhaps his imminent banishment to Australia could be just the thing to spark off his poetic creativity. ...read more.

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