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What do you think is the importance of the .beast. in Lord of the Flies?

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What do you think is the importance of the .beast. in Lord of the Flies? Write about: * Ideas that the boys have about the .beast. * What the .beast. may symbolise * How Golding presents the .beast.. The beast goes through many different definitions in 'Lord of the Flies', from being innocent creepers to Beelzebub itself. The beat represents fear and evil and how it affects people. The beat is first introduced as a 'snake-thing' by one of the littluns who calls it a 'beastie'. This is the first hint of there being any fear or danger on the island. ...read more.


However, he gets laughed at and 'surrounded by the uncomfortable presence of humans', he falls asleep before explaining himself. This, again, foreshadows that the 'beat' is within people and he's uncomfortable being around humans because of their evil capacity. Simon then states: 'Maybe there is a beast... Maybe it's only us'. He is ridiculed and can't articulate his thoughts clearly. However, Golding refers to it as 'man-kind's essential illness', suggesting that evil primitive instincts could potentially ruin the human race. Sam and Eric then refer to the parachutist as the beast. In some ways, this is true as he would have died as a result of war which is evil. ...read more.


The Lord of the Flies tells him repeatedly to 'go back to the others' before saying 'you'll only meet me down there - so don't try to escape'. This could be a reference to Jack and the hunters being evil and Simon facing them, or a reference to being killed with 'down there' being Hell which foreshadows Simon's death. When Simon goes back to tell the others, he is killed. The boys have now reached their full capacity for evil. Ironically, Simon could have saved them from themselves but he was silenced by death. In conclusion, I think that the beast in human's capacity for evil. Its importance is showing how fear can control people and how evil can be suppressed, but not gotten rid of, by law and order. ...read more.

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