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What do you think of Lady Macbeths behaviour in Macbeth?

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L.Fyfe 04/05/08 What do you think of Lady Macbeth's behaviour in Macbeth? Word Count: 1,326 In Shakespeare's Macbeth there are many views critics take on Lady Macbeth and how she behaves in the play. Lady Macbeth could have been a witch and been too harsh on her husband in the play forcing him to kill and become King. She could also just have been a very sick and twisted Lady with a lot of problems. Or she could be viewed as a good wife who stood by her husband to the end and helped him achieve his goals as a wife should. It is fair to say that Lady Macbeth is no ordinary woman in Macbeth as she shows many signs of being unstable and mentally disturbed. Women of that time, despite Elizabeth I, were meant to be acquiescent to men and followers not leaders but Lady Macbeth turned this around and was very much the more dominant character in the play. Lady Macbeth makes all the hard decisions in the relationship, "never shall sun that morrow see", she even says that she is the bones behind Macbeth, showing her authority and almost bullying Macbeth into killing Duncan and partially responsible for turning Macbeth into a killer. ...read more.


Also when Macbeth needs advice at the end of the play he turns to the witches, showing again their lean on the spirits, instead of Lady Macbeth which could show that he has lost faith in his wife as she has turned mad but I suspect that it was that Lady Macbeth and the witches have very similar advice, almost the same, but because the witches told the truth earlier he may feel they are more reliable. He may also feel hurt after Lady Macbeth was so rude to him in front of his lords and would have been somewhat angry with Lady Macbeth. (*I*) Lady Macbeth seems like a sick and twisted character from the very start of the play and, I think, gradually gets worse as the play goes on. Lady Macbeth may have had a real problem with her gender and not really grasped the 'lady-like' way of life as she seems willing to kill her own babies to appear more forceful(*I*). She even tells Macbeth to look like "th' innocent flower" and that she is the "serpent under't". The serpent is obviously manlier than the flower so it is a blatant remark showing that even Lady Macbeth knows she is the person with more courage in the relationship, who is meant to be the man, so she may be admitting she has a problem with her gender. ...read more.


If Lady Macbeth hadn't have been there for Macbeth, Macbeth probably wouldn't have survived the apprehension of becoming King. A classic example of Lady Macbeth's loyalty and love towards Macbeth is in Act 3 Scene 4, at the Banquet, when Macbeth seems to go crazy about Banquo's ghost but fortunately Lady Macbeth says that it's a condition Macbeth has and he "hath been from his youth" in this state. This shows Lady Macbeth is a quick thinking woman who is thinking for her husband and not just herself. Later on in the scene she dismisses the lords effectively and politely "a kind good night to you all". This again shows that she wasn't all self-centered and did have a thinking brain to think on the spot. Overall I feel Lady Macbeth became a very strange and paranoid woman at the end of the play. This I feel grows on her as the play goes on as there were signs of a real person who was a perfectly normal and caring wife in the play. I feel the witches prophesies played a major part in turning into that confusing, messed-up woman as it probably played on her mind, even if she wasn't conscious of it, and made her think that Macbeth had to be King but it wasn't going to happen straight off, she felt she needed to help make it happen. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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