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What is the main theme of the two poems by Carol Ann Duffy?

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What is the main theme of the two poems by Carol Ann Duffy? Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem about a lonely person, an outcast in society. This character is unhappy, alone and sick of this world, and because of his unhappiness, he soughs to destroy the happiness of others. Perhaps these selfish acts satisfy him because he will ten know he is not the only one unhappy. "Part of the thrill was knowing children would cry in the morning. Life's tough" -This "thrill" experienced by the poet demonstrates how the character pleases himself by destroying others' happiness. The hard work he had to do to move the snowman show he is willing to suffer in order to make others suffer. "Life's tough" and "sick of this world" tell us that the character doesn't like this world. All examples show that the character is tired of this world where he is alone and unhappy. ...read more.


It makes the poem more responsive, to feel the character relate his feeling to you, to have him telling you his life story, the wrongs he has done and the loneliness he feels and his feelings towards the world, towards others more fortunate than him. Valentine also responds to a question "Not a red rose or a satin heart" The question asked could be "What represents love?" or "what is your perception of love?" and the answer would be " Not a red rose or a satin heard, I give you an onion." The author introduces the onion, just as one introduces someone on stage. The onion is actually quite a surprise because it isn't usually seen as a symbol of love, but the author has her own opinion of love, maybe because of past experience. She sees love as an onion. "A wobbling photo of grief" The author obviously thinks love hurts; it is full of memories (photos). ...read more.


It is lethal "Cling to your knife" This phrase tells us perhaps, love cannot be destroyed, even when you cut an onion, its scent will stay on your knife. Its scent making you cry. And your hands and knife are soiled in the lethal scent, of love, lethal memories. Perhaps this person had a bad experience of love and now thinks over it, no matter how hard she tries to give love, it is love that stings. And cause grieves and pain. These two poems by Carol Ann Duffy have similarities but also differences. Both poems are about a lonely person, alone and reflecting on the past day by day. Both characters then relates his/ her story to the reader and tells you his/her perception of the world. Each responds to an unasked question. In one the character is active in his revenge on the world, which has hurt him and is sick of it, but in the other, the character just reflects on it, on the view of love, on the nature of love - an onion. ...read more.

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