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What Were The Main Duties And Responsibilities Of An Athenian Wife?

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What Were The Main Duties And Responsibilities Of An Athenian Wife? Athenian wife's were expected to be disciplined and efficient in there work and responsibilities. They had very hard lives and were demanded by their husbands to stay indoors, except when going out to do chores, e.g. collecting water. Many of their jobs included knitting, weaving, bearing children, cooking, cleaning and etc. The women had many jobs as they were nearly always inside the house, sometimes some women were so hidden within their houses that they were not known to exist. Spinning was one of the wife's main duties as all the cloth in the ancient world was hand-made, therefore making it expensive. If a local man went down to the market to buy a toga or some sort of cloth, it would be very expensive. ...read more.


They did this by beating the dirt out of the cloth with wooden sticks and water. Other works were such as looking after the children, cleaning the house, and teaching daughters respectable skills, (such as cleaning and spinning). Looking after the children would be vital; the women would need to raise their children in a way so that they were suitable heirs for their father's fortune and responsibility. Cooking was a very important responsibility; the women of the house took pride in their cooking. However if the husband had organised a party to take place, then he would hire an excellent chef from the cooking street for the day; this was so the wife would not have to cook for hours for the guests. Women would also take pride in there cooking equipment. ...read more.


In the Athenian age men were sexist and thought that all business work should be theirs and cleaning and household jobs should be left to women. It is assumed that they thought that women were weak and not that talented as they men were. Now however, in the modern age, it has all changed. Women are not relied on household jobs as it used to be. The can be presidents and leaders unlike before, and most importantly they have been found to have the same talent as men have, and are treated equally. Athenian Age Modern Age * Could not go out of the house. * Could not be leaders. * Were relied on household work. * No inheritance. * Could not take part in society. * Can go out of the house. * Can be leaders. * Not only relied on household work. * Any inheritance. * Can and have an equal standard as men in society. ...read more.

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