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When People Call You Names - Abstract Choral Peformance or Monologue

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When People Call You Names When people call you names And your misery grows deep. When you realise your confidence is gone Your confidence shattered to a million pieces You try and try to reach out But you can't seem to cope You're left to face the world you hate The world that's always hated you. You look around at this world. You look around and you can't escape You look around at the people The people who are mean to you Your life is lived alone. You find it so hard to cope. Your eyes sting with pain Buts what's the use in tears? ...read more.


All the time their eyes looking You're not human You're an animal They treat you differently They hurt you. They make you believe you are the dirt beneath them You feel small and worthless Small and worthless You are invisible They ignore you. They die everyday living While you live everyday wishing to die They don't care if you cope. They don't want you to cope. You have no feelings No feelings You have no feelings. Just because you're different This is a performance that can be done in a monologue or as a choral performance, it is a very abstract piece, it uses a lot of dramatic devices such as periodic repetition, parallelism, similes and metaphors. ...read more.


Our lighting for this piece was very basic, the same lighting throughout and our costume was also very basic, we though this best as it gave more attention to the message we were trying to portray than our lighting and set. Though saying all this you could in fact use the piece and interpret it into your own way thus making a completely new performance that could still be of an A* standard. You could also use this for GCSE drama Task 2 Development and analyse it in your own way on an A3 piece of paper. This is a very good script that gained an A* but unfortunately I cant submit it if its less than 500 words so by these last few paragraphs this is what I am trying to achieve. ...read more.

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