What time you call this?

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She returned a few seconds later, there was a little glimmer of satisfaction on her face.

She paused in the centre of the' hall, as though wondering what to do next. Then, suddenly, she turned and went across into her husband's study.

On the desk she found his address book, and after hunting through it for a while she picked up the phone and dialled a number.

"Hello," she said. "Listen - this is Nine East Sixty-second Street . . . Yes, that's right. Could you send someone round as soon as possible, do you think? Yes, it seems to be stuck between the second, and third floors. At least, that's where the indicator's pointing . . . Right away? Oh, that's very kind of you. You see, my legs aren't any too good for walking up a lot of stairs. Thank you so much. Good-bye." She replaced the receiver and sat there at her husband's desk, patiently waiting for the man who would be coming soon to repair the lift.

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“What time do you call this?” she said

The repairman replied, “ well sorry for running late but my car broke down”

“Oh well don’t worry but I will not be paying you full price” she declared

He replied in a rudely manner “Okay madam, I’m really sorry, it wasn’t entirely my fault”

She interrupted “Quick, quick!!! I’ll have to dust the house before my husband comes home, im tired as it is”

The repairman started fixing the elevator, it was continuously playing up. the repair man said “this is too dangerous to be in use ...

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