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Who in your opinion is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith?

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Who in your opinion is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith? Aaron Trebble There was a sequence of events that led to the death of Eva Smith in 'An Inspector Calls', and in this essay I have set out to distinguish who is most responsible. Mr Birling is the first person we find out about, we see that he had employed Eva Smith for a time at his works. However this was two years before the death of Eva Smith, at the "end of September, ninteen-ten." Also, given that most women weren't very highly regarded at the time, this was not really unfair as Eva had been causing trouble at the works, and this had probably led to Mr Birling having "discharged her." ...read more.


Afterwards, we find out that Gerald Croft had not been busy with work for the six months that he had mysteriously vanished,and he had been with Eva, who had changed her name to Daisy Renton. He had met her at the "Palace music hall" and he had gone over after apparently being given a "cry for help" while she was womanised by Aldermand Meggarty. Then he allowed her to move into the Morgan Terrace - a little set of rooms that his friend Charlie Brunswick had given him the keys to while he was away in Canada.Eventually she became Gerald's mistress. When Gerald had finished the affair, Daisy was apparently "very gallant" in the way she took it, so he left her enough money to get by, and went. ...read more.


" Eric had also met her in the Palace bar, "and stood her a few drinks." One thing eventually led to another and they slept together. Afterwards Eric had been stealing money to give to Eva untill she discovered it was stolen when she refused to take any more. It is possible to argue that all these cases in some led to Eva Smith commiting suicide, but I think the person who is most responsible is Mrs Birling. Women are usually very emotional while going through pregnancy, and Mrs Birling had been very rude to this girl and refused her the help she needed to raise the child. This may have eventually led to Eva deciding that she didn't want to bring such and underprivalidged child into the world, and even led to her suicide. ...read more.

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