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Why Are Dreams Important in 'Of Mice and Men,' Related to the Context?

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Why Are Dreams Important in ?Of Mice and Men,? Related to the Context? 40 Minutes The book, ?Of Mice and Men? by John Steinbeck revolves around the idea of the fabled ?American Dream? and the concept of the drudgery of life in America at the time of the Great Depression. Steinbeck seems to contradict both ideas in his book; he ultimately shows us how the American Dream is end of the day, just that, a dream, and he also shows us how despite the fact that there can be drudgery in routine, there are ways of combating and overcoming that. The book is based around the American Dream, this idea that America was a solution to all the world?s problems; a country of prosperity and equality and fertility, but leading on from the American Dream follows the idea of Lennie?s dream, which is almost the backbone of the book, in the same way that it becomes the backbone of many of the characters? existence. ...read more.


George hides Lennie?s fate from him by keeping him happy with the typical idea of The Dream, almost to pacify Lennie. In another way, The Dream is used to mask Candy?s reality. Candy knows his fate; that he will ultimately be ?canned,? but the dream is a way of him avoiding the truth. He puts everything he has left, his money, his effort and his time into The Dream and this is his way of avoiding the bitter truth of reality. Even Crooks, who as a character is alienation personified, is momentarily taken aback by the possibility of achieving something he, as a pessimistic character claims to be impossible. He?s both black and disabled, making him somewhat of a leper on the farm, and due to the way he has been treated and abused by society he has no faith in something like The Dream, however he too gets caught up in the excitement of it because it masks his awful reality so well that he can almost picture himself away from it all. ...read more.


Dreams are important in showing the contrast to real life in the time; dreams in the book show that people never get what they want, no matter how badly they want it. In a way dreams also show that money and status are what fuels society and that hoping and dreaming is almost redundant in a world where life runs on wealth and power. Characters like Curley personify that, they show how money and breeding will your further in life, and how the average man like George, the mentally challenged like Lennie or the physically disabled like Candy or Crooks will not get as far in life because they don?t have their pedigree to carry them forward, all they have is conviction in what will ultimately be impossible because of that very reason; that they are just the run of the mill person, they are no one special, no one important, and therefore almost have no right to be the ones to change who they or what they have in society and have no reason to aim for a better life than the one they?re given. ...read more.

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