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Why do you think Miller chose the title ‘The Crucible’ for the play?

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As English Why do you think Miller chose the title 'The Crucible' for the play? A crucible is 'a container in which metals are heated to extract the pure element from dross or impurities.' When Arthur Miller first started to write The Crucible in was during the Mc Carthy era which was when the house Un-American Activities Committee was existence and had the power to 'investigate any movement or person who apparently threatened the safety of the state'. Witnesses were brought to the committee to answer charges of that they were communist sympathizers and name those who had also been at the meetings that were held of criticizing the government and their instructions and admission of adherence to communism. Two centuries before prior to the Mc Carthy era witchcraft trials had been taken place in the town of Salem and linked that the committee public confessions as parallel with the naming of names in Salem. Miller was part of the Mc Carthy era and had been summoned to the committee but had refused to give names of other that were involved in the meeting of communist writers ten years before. ...read more.


John Proctor is a forthright farmer, who tries to be a decent husband and citizen, but discover during the play that he had once had an affair with Abigail when she was a servant for him and his family. In the trial you see that Proctor's wife Elizabeth has been one of the accused by Abigail. Before his wife was involved in the trial he didn't have much to do with the trial, but then more people are accused and he feels that he owes it to his friends to expose that Abigail is a liar while coming to know of his wife becoming pregnant and in no immediate danger of being hanged, this shows of his loyalty towards his friends. He manages to persuade Mary warren to tell the truth but that falls through. He then faces then public shame to confessing adultery with Abigail and shows that he regrets it. However when the judge calls Elizabeth to confess what she knows she lies in order to protect her husband and his good name (this shows Elizabeth of her purity in the form of her devotion to her husband). ...read more.


In trial of Salem the society in which they lived in. Society was high on religion and its faith and moral values so communities only had their religion to follow and had no sense of other issues it was all simply to do with everything was either right or wrong. Which lead to it being false in the sense that people judged other people on word of mouth and no hard evidence, which wasn't a very religious thing to do. So coming to "Why do you think Miller chose the title 'The Crucible' for the play? Is because all the relevance to the play sums up the definition of 'crucible' in some of the main characters and the society in which they live in and different forms of how people are cleansed and purified due to the way of how they live in their society and other people's reaction and opinions. The main character who was purified in the 'crucible' is John Proctor because he stands against the most important things in his life his wife and children and still chooses to die for the sake of keeping his and his families name from shame by dieing for what he believed in. ...read more.

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