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Why I hate TV's "The Apprentice".

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´╗┐Don?t get me started TV ? I love it. I can?t think of anything better to do when I?ve got a spare moment. I don?t think anyone can think of anything better. I bet you can?t either. I mean, It is the perfect way to simmer down at any time, whether you?re taking a break from homework, you?ve just come back from school or even when you?re just bored. My point is that TV is magnificent. I love most things on TV. Whether it is sport, drama or even movies. It has so much to offer to us. We learn so many things off TV such as History, English (my individual favourite) and Maths. However, saying this, there are some programmes that are not my cup of tea. In fact, thinking about it, there is only one programme that isn?t my cup of tea. The apprentice. Not only do I not like it, I DESPISE it. ...read more.


In my opinion he?s lucky to even have capital letters at the start of his name. The only thing that clown does, is sit in a chair with ?Nick? and ?Karen? (his two sidekicks as I like to say) beside him, trying desperately to become famous again as their careers have gone down the drain. As well as this, Alan sugar thinks he?s the most important living organism in the universe! He speaks to people as if they were dirt under his shoes. For example, ?I?m certainly better than you.? You can?t just insult someone like this as if they aren?t worth anything can you!? The second thing I hate about him is that he stares at people like he was an animal (he certainly looks like one) that had been starving for weeks. He stares at them, then erupts into a rampage yelling at them, using the word ?bloody? in every single sentence. ...read more.


They want to get famous so they can have a life of fame and luxury. I have a special term for the candidates on this show - talentless, ignorant losers. I can imagine why some (normal) people are deceived by this lamentable show. After all they are probably watching it because of the flamboyant morons prancing about, trying desperately to impress that cocky, dimwit ? Alan sugar. As I have been told before, some people may find this kind of failure amusing, and in their respect I can see why they do. But personally I have so many more things that amuse me rather than this rubbish. If you do decide to watch it; don?t blame me. I have told you my point of view (the right point of view) on the show. Most of you sensible people out there will agree with me on this; if you don?t, I guarantee you will take my side after you have seen the horrific show. P.s If you do watch it and you like it, you ought to go to the doctors for a quick check up! ...read more.

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