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Why Jack The Ripper Was Never Caught

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? The police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper due to a number of key reasons, all linking with the limitations of police work at the time. The first reason is the focus of the police investigation. The police only focused their forces on the local area of Whitechapel. They did this as they assumed the killer was from Whitechapel because all of the murders were committed there. A lot of time was wasted when the police arrested and paid attention to 'Leather Apron'. This allowed time for Jack the Ripper to escape. The police had some trouble interpreting and using the evidence. ...read more.


The police did not pick up on this. With contradictions like this, it was very difficult for the police to know what evidence was true. There was a high Jewish population in the area, and so many anti -Semitic people looked down upon Whitechapel. Consequently, many people believed that the killer was Jewish. This may have influenced the direction of the investigation. The police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper due to their ineffective methods of investigation. This was the police's first experience of a high profile murder case. The police wasted a lot of time questioning butchers even though they had been ruled out by the coroner. ...read more.


In hindsight, we can see that the methods used were quite simple and easily flawed. In 1862, the first criminal photographs were taken as it was believed that it was possible to identify criminal 'types' from the shape of their head. There was little training for police constables and any training they did receive usually involved military drills. Personal appearance and good behaviour were the main priorities of becoming a good policeman, not ability to prevent and solve crime. This shows the limitations of the police work. I believe that the poor methods of investigation were the most important factor in preventing the police catching the murderer. This is because much time was wasted using ineffective methods such as sending out hand bills to houses. This would have led to inadequate evidence being submitted and wasting police time. Simon Cole ...read more.

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